NBA 2K20 1.03 38GB update: How to fix 'MyPlayer name missing' glitch!

NBA 2K20 38GB Update 1 03 How To Fix 'MyPlayer No Name On Jersey' Glitch

How to fix the NBA 2K20 'MyPlayer name missing' glitch following the 38GB update 1.03.

NBA 2K20 has been spoiled by a lot of controversy pre and post launch thanks to its employment of microtransactions and its numerous bugs, and fans are still reporting that the infamous 'MyPlayer name missing' glitch hasn't been fixed despite downloading and installing the 38GB update 1.03.

The 'MyPlayer name missing' glitch has been complained about online ever since the game was released on September 6, but fans should be able to now fix it.

NBA 2K20 update 1.03 patch notes (via the game's official Facebook page):

  • Fixed a major issue that was causing the game to hang at intermittent times (e.g. when accessing the VIP Stats menu, when completing games in Domination, when playing Play Now Online games, and more).
  • Addressed a number of issues in MyCAREER to greatly improve the user experience in that mode.
  • Fixed an issue where some MyPLAYER names would disappear (may need to create a new build to correct existing saves).
  • Numerous Gameplay improvements & fixes including: support for standing stepback escapes and finishing alley-oops with Pro Stick, out of bounds awareness improvements, more reliable interior shot defense contact detection, logic fixes for certain badges, and much more.
  • Addressed an exploit that allowed users to play players out of position in MyTEAM.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were reporting they were not receiving the correct reward cards from Domination games in MyTEAM.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were not receiving their awards when achieving new Collector Levels in MyTEAM.
  • Many, many more fixes included to improve the overall experience of NBA 2K20!
  • SHOULD PLAYERS BE BANNED?: Has the NBA 2K20 badge glitch been patched? Fans bemoan "unfair" bans!

NBA 2K20 fans react to update 1.03

As you'd expect, disgruntled fans of NBA 2K20 have reacted to update 1.03 and 2K Sports finally releasing some patch notes.

To get the obvious gag out of the way first, some fans have joked about the size (23gb on PS4 and 38gb on Xbox One) of the update being closer to that of DLC.

Some fans have reacted to the update as a sign that 2K20 clearly wasn't finished when it was released.

But then there are others who cannot hide their amusement at people downloading their own bans.

However, the biggest concern is that players are reporting that the 'MyPlayer name missing' glitch still hasn't been fixed for them.

NBA 2K20 - How to fix 'MyPlayer name missing' glitch post update 1.03

Thanks to update 1.03, fans should be able stop stressing over seeing nothing but a number on the back of their MyPlayer's jersey after having already spent the required VC.

In order to fix the glitch, you will need to download and install the game's latest patch.

Then you will need to create a new player with the name you want and proceed to NBA straight afterwards. Once you've done that, you will then need to load up an older save from the main menu and - voila - the glitch should be fixed.

Hopefully this resolves the issues players are reporting. Gamers shouldn't have to jump through these hoops, but nothing can be said to change the past.

Original story:

NBA 2K20 has been sullied in deserved pre and post-launch controversy, and fans are still irate thanks to the lack of patch notes for update 1.02, as well as because the 'MyPlayer name missing' glitch is still prevalent.

Regardless whether you love or bemoan the game's MyCareer mode with none other than James Bond wannabe Idris Elba, there's no denying that NBA 2K20 is a stained instalment that has justly been review bombed for its myriad of glitches and heavy emphasis on microtransactions.

One of these many bugs is the 'no name' or 'MyPlayer name missing' glitch, and fans are currently irate that it still hasn't been fixed. This and a whole heap of "false advertising lies" have resulted in #FixNBA2K20 and #FireRonnie2K trending on Twitter in the past week.

NBA 2K20 update 1.02 patch notes

2K Sports hasn't published any patch notes for NBA 2K20 update 1.02.

As you can imagine, this has sparked even more frustration among the game's community as everyone is confused as to what has been fixed/improved.

Fortunately, the instalment's gameplay director, Mike Wang, has provided some clarification on Twitter. The bad news is that the update has caused even more headaches.

Wang tweeted that the park speeds have been boosted too much and that they will be toned down in the very near future. He also tweeted how to eliminate hop steps when trying to dunk.

The NBA 2K20 gameplay director also shared the good news that a future update has been finished and is awaiting approval, but that didn't stop the game's community from venting their frustrations over the apparent lack of communication.

"Why is MyPlayer missing his name?"

I've covered fans being annoyed about the NBA 2K20 'no name on jersey' glitch before, but the issue is unfortunately still prevalent online.

Despite the game having already been out for five days, the NBA 2K20 community continues to beg 2K Sports for a fix so they can see their MyPlayer's name on the back of their jersey and in stats.

This glitch is an annoying bug thanks to how it wastes VC and spoils immersion, but all that can be said is hopefully 2K Sports delivers a fix in the very near future.

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