When Netflix started breaking ground as one of the world’s top production companies, Breaking Bad was the shining jewel in its crown.

Filled with jaw-dropping moments and some of the finest acting performances in television history, Breaking Bad cemented itself as one of the best TV series of the decade, if not of all time.

And, now, it’s back.

Although the show’s writer and director Vince Gilligan has found success with the show’s spinoff, Better Call Saul, Vince is ready to bring fans back to the original story.

El Camino: The Breaking Bad Movie has just dropped its first trailer and is set to release on Netflix worldwide on October 11th, 2019. And while there are some familiar faces in the promos – namely Aaron Paul as the show’s lead Jesse Pinkman – there is one noticeably absent.

So, will Bryan Cranston reprise his iconic role as Walter White in El Camino?

Where was the Breaking Bad series left?

Breaking Bad came to a dramatic conclusion in series 5 episode 16 – called ‘Felina’ – where Walt’s actions finally caught up with him.

After a nationwide manhunt for Walt, who had been revealed as the mastermind behind Heisenberg, the episode ended with him being shot and seemingly passing away. The final series also saw the deaths of his brother-in-law and fan-favourite Hank (played by Dean Norris).

Jesse managed to escape the Aryan Brotherhood after being detained and forced to cook the blue meth for them throughout season 5. But he escaped in a character-breaking, devastating way as he strangled Todd Alquist (played by Jesse Plemons) to death.

The last we saw of Jesse was of him driving off in a Chevrolet El Camino after the deaths of Jack, Todd and the Aryan Brotherhood gang with a machine gun in one of the series’ most jaw-dropping moments. The Camino is what the movie’s title is in reference to, signalling the plot will focus mainly on Jesse Pinkman’s plot line rather than follow up with the White’s.

El Camino: First look

The teaser trailer shows an interrogation scene involving Skinny Pete and the police.

Skinny Pete was one of Jesse’s friends and involved in the dealing of the blue meth. Skinny Pete was also last seen in the final episode of series 5, so his appearance in the film implies we are directly following on.

But the focus of the interrogation is specifically on Jesse’s whereabouts since the shootout of season 5 episode 16.

A cover The Platters’ ‘Enchanted’ plays over the second promo for El Camino suggesting that Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Jane Margolis (played by Krysten Ritter) and her death will be a large feature of the movie. ‘Enchanted’ played when Jesse and Jane took heroin together for the first time in season 2 episode 11.

Is Heisenberg on the cards?

If the movie follows on directly from the events of the last episode, Bryan Cranston should not be returning to the series as Walter White.

But in the movie’s teaser we can see photographs of Hank and Gomez on the police interrogation room’s walls and so the characters from Breaking Bad the series who passed away during its events will definitely be referenced throughout.

The cast list on IMDb currently only has Aaron Paul and Charles Baker (who plays Skinny Pete), so there’s no saying about exactly who will return.

There is a chance that Vince Gilligan is including new flashback scenes that weren’t in the original series, as the RV that Walt and Jesse cooked in – which was destroyed in season 3 – was seen on set for the movie.

So, Bryan Cranston could reprise his character for the Breaking Bad movie. Particularly if the character of Jane will resurface following her death.

But until October 11th, Netflix is keeping this project entirely hush-hush!

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