A stalwart of the British soap Hollyoaks has passed away after decades of working on the show.

How many soaps do you watch?

Whether it’s one, two or even more, it’s still easy to take them for granted. Every week, we are plunged back into a world that on the surface looks very much like our own. However, they essentially give us a year’s worth of drama in just a handful of episodes. 

There’s always something happening, and every week, we can watch it all unfold – that’s all thanks to the talented cast and crew. The actors all help to sculpt these interesting characters, and while they’re the most obvious to credit, there are so many unsung heroes in the realm of television. We’re talking about everyone involved, from the catering crew to the boom operators. 

Sadly, one of the individuals who has put in countless hours to make popular favourite Hollyoaks what it is has passed away. 

Who was Tim Walsh?

Most will know Tim Walsh as the lead guitarist of the alternative rock band Northside from Manchester. They were an important and integral band in the Madchester scene, signed to Factory Records; their debut album was Chicken Rhythms back in 1991. 

Although many knew him thanks to the band, Cerysmatic.Factory highlights that he was also a brilliant sound engineer, and worked for over twenty-five years with Mersey TV. This work began with Brookside, but he later moved on to Hollyoaks. 

Tragically, the same source notes that Tim passed away on Monday, August 19th 2019. Since then, there have been numerous tributes across social media from family, friends and fans. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Tributes on Twitter

On Tuesday, September 10th 2019, the band Northside posted their song ‘Yeah Man’ in dedication, writing: “Just want to say, thank you so much to everybody that came to Tim’s service today. I will never forget the love and kindness shown by you all for our friend. What a turnout, we love you man, always and forever. This one’s for you Ymmit!! Dermo x.”

Another wrote: “Beautiful send off for Tim Walsh @NORTHSIDE___, his family and friends did him proud, very emotional and some lovely words spoken. Amazing the numbers that turned up. Rest in peace now Timmy xxx.”

A fan added: “So sad to hear about the passing of Northside’s Tim Walsh In 1990 I saw a programme covering the Madchester scene. Ever since that day Northside are a band that have remained close to my heart. Thinking of Tim and his family…”

More touching words

It makes sense that fans and loved ones would help celebrate this life and achievements by listening to his work. One fan wrote on Twitter: “All evening listening [email protected]___, such a good band floating on a sea of pink clouds now THANK YOU, RIP #TimWalsh.”

A friend also added: “Saying goodbye to my old pal Tim Walsh of @NORTHSIDE___ today he was a top lad …one of the good guys and he could play guitar man.”

Many will miss him, and it sounds like the service was a wonderful send-off. 

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