Sometimes sticking around just isn’t on the cards.

What a solid season!

Canadian sitcom Workin’ Moms returned for season 3 recently, landing on Netflix and providing some quality binging. Of course, the regular favourites were back to steal the show, but we also saw some welcome new faces. 

Clocking in at thirteen episodes, there was plenty to digest and enjoy, but already we can expect more to come; it’s been renewed for a fourth season! Looking ahead, we can anticipate much of the same – laughter, drama and great characters. However, some come and go, and a newcomer which raised a few eyebrows this season would’ve made a better fixture than a drop-in. 

Let’s talk about Forrest…

Workin’ Moms: Forrest Greenwood

Kate (Catherine Reitman) has her busiest season yet, juggling more drama than we ever expected – plagued by relationship perils with Nathan and custody issues with daughter Ella. With all of this going on, she still confronts the idea of dating, which proves similarly complicated. 

She ends up getting involved with the son of her old boss called Forrest Greenwood – played by Donald MacLean Jr – which leads to even more drama, just as the fans like it!

It doesn’t work out between her and Forrest, and while she faces working out her relationship with Nathan, perhaps audiences were way more gutted than Kate to give the new romantic interest the boot. Over on Twitter, some audiences have taken the time to highlight their thoughts on the younger man: “I love Forrest. Protect Forrest. #WorkinMoms.”

Another added: “Kinda sad Forrest wasn’t on #workinmoms that long,” while another fan expressed: “Forrest is kinda hot #workinmoms.” Considering the positive reaction, let’s talk about the actor behind the character…

Donald MacLean Jr.

He did a bang-up job as Forrest, but what else has he been in?

Well, he was a newcomer in the show, and he’s a newcomer in general! The actor first appeared in a short called Neon Passion back in 2018, later landing a TV role in Bizarre Murders playing Simon – not a huge role, but something. 

He then appeared in another short called You’re up Next that very same year. It was a busy 2018, leading us up to his part on the TV mini-series Things We Say. In 2019, on the other hand, he secured a recurring role on the series Nurses, which follows four nurses juggling work and personal lives; he plays Wolf. He also played Tug in a series called Wayne, next tackling Forrest Greenwood. 

What’s next?

If you loved him as Forrest, then a series called October Faction should probably be on your radar. 

Donald stars as Seth Allen in this sci-fi horror drama, which follows a retired monster hunter and a range of creatures and curiosities. It sounds like really intriguing fun, with Maxim Roy (Bad Blood), J.C. MacKenzie (The Wolf of Wall Street) and more also on the cast. 

Fans would argue that things would never have worked out between Kate and Forrest, and with things on the mend between her and Nathan, it looks like Forrest was doomed to be short-lived on the show. If you admired the performance though, there’s more elsewhere to check out anyway!

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