Who plays Ray in Coronation Street? Michelle storyline hits hard!

General View of the Rovers Return Inn at the new Coronation Street set on November 29, 2013 in Manchester, England.

The street has seen plenty of villains over the years and there are no signs of slowing.

It's all kicking off!

Of course it is, the fans wouldn't have it any other way. Few streets in television history have seen the sheer amount of drama that Coronation Street has. It's been on screens now for shy of six decades now, and over that time we've seen many characters come and go - some left with a shock, others with a graceful bow. 

It can be risky throwing new characters into the mix, but when you lose some you gain some. So far, 2019 has seen some intriguing new additions, from Natalie Watkins (played by Cassie Bradley) to Jan Lozinski (Piotr Baumann). Nevertheless, they keep coming, bringing their own unique story to the street. 

One of the more recent to attract attention is Ray Crosby... 

Who plays Ray in Coronation Street?

The addition of Ray Crosby has introduced a number of issues, particularly to that of Michelle (played by Kym Marsh).

Introduced back in the summer - it was the episode which aired on Wednesday, July 31st 2019 - Ray is a hotelier who takes somewhat of a liking to Michelle, offering her a job after being impressed by her and Alya's catering, or so it seems. As it pans out though, there are some seedy strings attached.

When Ray invites her up to his hotel room to continue mapping out plans for a potential franchise, he is wearing nothing but a robe, and as immediately expected, he makes a move to little avail. In turn, her rejections make him rethink her potential, ultimately revealing his tragic dishonesty. It's a stressful situation which appears to parallel a sad truth (as the below tweet acknowledges), but alas, a very well-acted one. As usual, Kym is great, and so is actor Mark Frost as Ray. 

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Mark Frost: Movies and TV

The character of Ray Crosby is played by Birmingham-born actor Mark Frost, who we're sure you'll recognise from a range of projects - get ready for a eureka moment!

You've probably gathered it's not the same Mark Frost who co-created Twin Peaks, so let's get on with it. He first appeared on screens in 1994 on the TV series Screen Two (he played Barney). His next role came in the 1995 film Blue Juice (Moose), but he'd later go on to secure some sizeable TV roles; he was Dr. Steve Rawlings in Doctors and Jeff Simpson in The Bill

Other more notable projects include Faust (John Jaspers), Coupling (Richard), In Deep (McMullen), Midsomer Murders (Vic Lynton), Hope Springs (Roy Lagden), Jonathan Creek (Brad), The Mill (John Howlett) and numerous roles in both Holby City and Silent Witness

Let's not forget about Joe Dante's Mayhem. Mark played Ewan Niles in the explosive action-comedy starring Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and Samara Weaving (Ready Or Not). It's a lot of fun, so if you haven't already, be sure to check it out.

Poldark, anyone?

If these aren't ringing any bells, perhaps you'll recognise him from Poldark!

Mark fulfilled the role of Tom Carne in a number of episodes in the acclaimed series, and along with his fresh role in Coronation Street, he's had a pretty good couple of years. He landed the part of George Calendar in TV series Hetty Feather, Bishop Germogen in The Last Czars, Samuel Armstrong in New Blood and more. 

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing how his gripping storyline on Coro continues.

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