It’s time for Tottenham defender to look forward.

Tottenham Hotspur defender Danny Rose spoke out over the weekend to try and set the record straight over what happened this summer.

Yet his comments still illustrated a bitterness, with the full details left unspoken.

Rose was quoted by The Mirror claiming the full picture of events is not a matter of public record.

He said: “I guess I should be happy with maybe being up for sale and having started the first four games for Tottenham and the first England game of the campaign.

“Everything that was publicised in the summer was not entirely true and I think in the future I will have my say on everything that happened but I don’t want to focus on negativity at the minute.”

Rose praised manager Mauricio Pochettino, making clear his issue was not with him, and reading between the lines, it is chairman Daniel Levy he is annoyed with.

The Guardian had reported in July that Tottenham had given Rose permission to talk with other clubs.

Whatever happened, Rose is moving forward with Tottenham and is a key part of the team.

So with that in mind, he needs to shut out his frustration and put it out of his mind.

The summer window is now long over, and Rose should not dwell on it, and he has acknowledged as such. His situation is unlikely to change mid-season.

Pochettino made clear that the transfer window has been a massive distraction for Tottenham.

When key, experience players like Rose, who are popular in the dressing room, are treated like has been, it can have an unsettling effect for all at the club.

Rose talks about wanting to have his say eventually, and perhaps settle the score, but he has to put this out of his mind for now.

Tottenham need all of their players totally focused on the football, especially with points to make up in the Premier League already, and the Champions League set to begin.

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