How to watch Manifest season 2: Fans excited to board flight 828!


If you're a TV fanatic, you'll never be short of things to look forward to.

Has anyone tried to sell this to their mates and lost them pretty much straight the way?

"Hold on, hold on! There's lots more, it sounds similar but give it a go!" Defenders of the series will be used to saying this - or at least something along those lines - the problem is not wanting to give much away.

Jeff Rake's intriguing series first landed back in 2018, but do you know who didn't land? The characters in Manifest, not as you'd expect anyway. It centres upon passengers and crew members on a commercial airliner who reappear five years later after everybody believed them dead. It's a fascinating mystery with a sinister supernatural tone, but when it first came out more than a few were quick to bog it down with lazy parallels between The OA, The Returned and more. 

These are surface-level comparisons but make no mistake, Manifest is very much doing its own thing, despite attracting more admirable comparisons to hit series Lost.  


How to watch Manifest season 2

In the US, Manifest premiered on NBC, delivering audiences a sizeable sixteen episodes in its first season. 

Now that many have finished it, attention has quickly turned to the future - yes, it's definitely been renewed for season 2. In an interview with MEA WorldWide, series creator Jeff Rake opened up: "I'm told we are coming back mid-season in order to allow for all thirteen episodes to run in a row with zero preemptions, which can't be achieved in the fall."

Since then, Digital Spy confirmed that Manifest will return to US screens in the spring of 2020, although no specific date is known just yet. Despite no date, they highlight that it's expected to keep its regular slot - Mondays at 10 pm - so we're expecting UK audiences to have it the same as season 1 too. 

Its UK channel is Sky One, and the first season hit screens back in July 2019, just over four months after it had finished premiering in America. We can expect to wait again this time too, so we won't be getting it in spring 2020, but most likely about four months after it finishes airing in the US. It will surely be back on Sky though -so that means Now TV too - once it arrives. We'll keep our eyes peeled for updates, but right now, we're predicting a UK premiere in autumn 2020 on Sky One. 

What is season 2 about?

It's pretty under wraps at the moment, but luckily, we've seen enough to pull us in already. 

The series' page on Twitter revealed a brief teaser, showing us that Michaela, Cal and Ben are back on Flight 828. We're sold! In the teaser, they're told to "save the passengers", and just as the teaser is about to conclude, the voice-over informs us that "everything has changed". 

Already, we're dealing with high stakes, returning characters and big expectations. We anticipate that the central cast will be back and also some new additions to the mix, but it's mysterious right now - just as we want it. Talking to TV Guide, Jeff said: "There's a lot to tackle next season... (we might come back) a little further along than people would expect. You can expect things to move along mythologically, you can expect things to move along scientifically."

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What did audiences say about season 1? 

With season 2 incoming, it's no surprise that the general reaction to the first season has been largely positive. 

It currently boasts an admirable 7.2 user score on IMDb with over 15,000 ratings - not bad at all. One Twitter user wrote: "Manifest is completely underrated #Manifest" and another added "I recommend #Manifest on @SkyOne! It’s like a crossover between Lost and Stranger Things (kinda) and the first season doesn’t have a bad ending wahay! I hope season 2 doesn’t let me down."

Getting into more specific hopes for season 2, one fan expressed: "It’s a long shot, but I’m still rooting for Michaela and Lourdes to get together✌ #manifest."

Let's hope the forthcoming episodes deliver on the promise established in season 1. We're optimistic!

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