Hip-Hop Evolution season 4: Netflix renewal status plus five rappers we want to see

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Hip-Hop Evolution has just returned to Netflix for season 3 but could a fourth series be on its way?

To keep its global audience growing, Netflix have to rely on an ever-growing stream of original content to keep its hugely diverse audience satisfied. 

As a result, the past few years have seen some fascinating and unique content appear that might not otherwise have made it to our screens.

One such example of that is the rap documentary Hip-Hop Evolution which has just returned to the streaming service for its third season.

However, despite only releasing on September 6th, attention is already starting to turn towards a potential season 4 and whether or not we're likely to get one. 

Hip-Hop Evolution: What is it?

Hip-Hop Evolution is a documentary on the hip-hop industry, ranging from the early formations of the genre back in the 1970s and 80s and how it's transformed over the year, giving us a snapshot of some of the most iconic and influential artists to have ever graced the industry.

Season 3 sees us arrive in the 1990s and introduces us to artists such as N.W.A., Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z and Eminem to name but a few.

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Is season 4 on its way?

At the time of writing, it is unconfirmed whether or not Netflix has renewed the show for a fourth season. 

Chances are, given the series' obvious popularity that a new season will eventually be heading our way.

Audiences will just have to remain patient for a fourth season which, if there indeed is going to be one, will likely be heading to Netflix in October 2020.

We'll be sure to keep you updated about any season 4 news as and when we hear it.

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Five rappers we want to see covered

As season 3 of Hip-Hop Evolution came to an end with the 1990s very much coming to a close, it would make a lot of sense to have a fourth season telling the story of rappers who came to the fore in the early 2000s. 

If indeed that is the plan for a fourth season, here are five artists we'd love to see covered in the documentary. 

Missy Elliott

As the 21st century arrived, it was Missy Elliott and the song Hot Boyz that featured at the top of Billboard's rap charts. 

What was more impressive was the fact that the track stayed at number one for a mind-boggling 18 weeks before being dethroned by the Ying Yang Twins' Whistle While You Twurk.


Lil' Romeo

The next big artist to emerge in the 2000s was Lil' Romeo whose track My Baby made the number one spot its own for over two months in 2001.

Lil' Romeo's My Baby quickly went on to be certified platinum, a huge achievement for any artist but made more spectacular by the fact that he was just 12-years-old in 2001.

Rapper Lil' Romeo backstage at the taping of ABC Family's FRONT ROW CENTER at the Wadsworth Theatre, Los Angeles, CA., Nov. 10, 2001.  FRONT ROW CENTER airs Friday, November 23,


By 2002, it was Nelly who was earning plaudits in the industry with two number-one singles back-to-back in the form of Hot in Herre and Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland. 

The two songs managed to keep Nelly at the top of the Billboard rap chats for an impressive 16 weeks. 

Rap artists Nelly and Jay-Z pose backstage after the 2000 Radio Music Awards at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, 11

50 Cent

2003 saw the rise of another household name in the hip-hop industry in the form of 50 Cent. 

On February 8th, 2003, his song In da Club rose to number one, a ranking it held for 12 weeks before another of 50 Cent's songs, 21 Questions, took the top spot.


Kanye West

And finally, we have Kanye West. Kanye may not have burst onto the scene in quite such dramatic fashion as those we've just mentioned but the rapper has now grown to worldwide fame.

His first moves in the industry came in 2004 when the Twista song, Slow Jamz, which featured Kanye made it to number one. It wasn't until 2005 that Kanye earned a number one of his own with Gold Digger which stayed top of the rankings for just under a month.

American rapper Kanye West poses before Christian Dior 2015-2016 fall

All of these rappers have helped mould the industry into what it is today and would all make perfect candidates to cover if indeed Hip-Hop Evolution is renewed for a fourth season.

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