One of the first cheats to have been shared for Greedfall shows how to easily get ammo, money and XP.

Greedfall has come out today and the reviews have been better than anticipated. While it always had the potential to usurp Dragon Age thanks to the BioWare we once loved no longer existing, the positive reviews are a great reassurance that it boasts the fantastic story and addictive RPG elements it promised. And there’s also a cheat players can exploit to quickly attain ammo, money and XP.

Developed by Spiders (the people responsible for the underappreciated Bound By Flame and Of Orcs And Men), Greedfall is an excellent game that embraces everything about the RPG genre as Dragon Quest XI did with JRPGs. It’s not as polished, refined or as revolutionary as say The Witcher 3, but it’s still an excellent experience for those who absolutely adore role-playing video games.

And if you’d like to make the experience as gentle as possible, there’s an easy to exploit cheat you can easily follow to get ammo, money and XP.

Greedfall cheats: How to easily get ammo, money and XP

Once you leave Serene for the New Serene at the very beginning of the game, you’ll want to leave the city to speak to your caravan in order to travel to San Matheus. This will only cost you ten gold, so don’t worry about the investment making a significant dent in your savings.

In San Matheus, you’ll find a circular area on the map which you can exploit by killing dozens of humans/bandits. People in the game are far easier to kill than mythical beasties, meaning you shouldn’t be faced with too great a challenge when disposing of folks left, right and centre.

Humans drop armour, gold, ammo and weapons, meaning you will also be receiving some of the best loot for your relentless killings. When killing these bystanders, you’ll also come across Crude and Refined Iron Ore which you’ll want to pick up for crafting.

The trick for the about to be revealed cheat comes with the campfire. Similar to Geralt meditating for days on end in The Witcher 3, with Greedfall you’ll want to rest at the campfire for four days and nights in a row.

As for what this does, it causes the enemies in the vicinity to respawn so you can kill them all over again to snatch their money, ammo and weapons, as well as gain XP. If you rest for six nights in a row, this will respawn the enemies and their loot, as well as the Crude and Refined Iron Ores.

While I would love to pretend to be the big shot who unearthed this cheat/exploit, the credit entirely goes to YouTuber WhatsMyGame. You can check his video out below to garner a visual representation of the guide above.

This article will be updated with more Greedfall cheats/exploits when they become unearthed and shared.

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