NBA 2K20 fans petition #FireRonnie2K for false advertising - "Enough is enough!"

NBA 2K20 #FireRonnie2K

Fed up fans of NBA 2K20 have petitioned #FireRonnie2K for a supposed myriad of lies and false advertising.

NBA 2K20 has only just come out and already fans are calling for the head of one of its major employees. #FireRonnie2K was trending last night on Twitter, and it's a petition that is calling for 2K's Digital Marketing Director, Ronnie Singh, to be sacked for supposed false advertising.

There's clear disharmony between gamers and NBA 2K20 as while the game has been positively received by critics for its "fantastic story mode" and on the court experience, fans have review bombed the game on Steam and other digital marketplaces to express their frustration and to dissuade potential buyers. And the actions of these fans are completely justified.

Regardless of whether you believe its story mode is fantastic or "bland," the biggest problem with NBA 2K20 is that it's a buggy mess that shouldn't have been released in its state. And that's completely ignoring the fact that its marketing was an ugly campaign that fans begrudged for promoting gambling.

NBA 2K20 No Name On MyPlayer Jersey Glitch

Why is #FireRonnie2K trending?

The biggest issues with NBA 2K20 is that it's a buggy mess that feels like a casino rather than a pleasant dream in which you to get to live the luxurious life of being a pro basketball icon. This is because there's an overemphasis on microtransactions, as opposed to finishing a "$100" game according to fans.

NBA 2K20 has been dismissed by its community as "2K19.5" in disguise, but it's hard to completely agree with this viewpoint when there's a new MyCareer, along with a bevy of new stars to play as with the addition of the WBNA.

With that being said, it's still easy to understand why fans are so irate. Fans have reported issues with the online servers, corrupted save files and a myriad of glitches, and these frustrating moments aren't helped when microtransactions are being shoved into everyone's face.

This has led to #FixNBA2K20 trending on Twitter along with #FireRonnie2K. Ronnie Singh is the game's Marketing Director, and his role has made him very visible to the 2K Community as he was the one to show his face when promoting items, streams and videos.

Unfortunately, this very communicative method of marketing has resulted in accusations of false advertising. One of the examples that can be cited pertains to the MyPlayer.

Fans were encouraged to believe that they could respec their created MyPlayers as many times as they'd like, but they found out through the game's launch that doing so would cost even more VC.

Apparent lies dating back to 2K17 have also been cited with underwater parks that never came to fruition, and even in 2K20 parks are still a point of contention as nothing has been improved/changed in the slightest according to fans.

#FireRonnie2K and #FixNBA2K20 tweets

The two hashtags above have both been trending on Twitter thanks to a very frustrated community of basketball hooligans.

YouTuber Kristopher London has fought back against accusations that he was culpable as an influencer by insisting he was shown a different build and is just as frustrated as everyone else.

Most fans have been demanding fixes for the game and that Ronnie should be fired for showing YouTubers a false product to advertise to their communities.

However, while there's a lot of contention pointed at Ronnie Singh, there's also some fans who have defended the Marketing Director because he's not a developer.

It's never nice to see anyone singled out as the primary target for a witch hunt, but the accusations of false advertising are too irrefutable if true. Fans have every right to be annoyed with their cited reasons for being misled, and hopefully this results in 2K fixing the game and being more straightforward and blunt with their marketing in the future for the next instalment.

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Ronnie Singh's job requires him to wax lyrical about the game, but there's no excuse for talking about aspects that never came to fruition.

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