A Confession: Who plays Christopher Halliwell? Doc Martin veteran unleashes killer instinct

A Confession Christopher Halliwell Played By Joe Absolom

A Confession brings the drama as Martin Freeman's Steve Fulcher tries to bring murder suspect Christopher Halliwell to justice but just who plays him?

ITV's continued penchant for creating thrilling and gripping drama has not let up with the new release of A Confession.

The series, which stars Hollywood quality actors Martin Freeman and Imelda Staunton in major roles, tells the true story of Sian O'Callaghan's murder back in March 2011 and the subsequent court case and fallout.

As you can probably assume from the show's title, a huge part of the ITV drama is how Martin Freeman's Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher acquired a much sought-after confession from the suspected killer using methods that would result in the end of Fulcher's police career.

But just who plays the fearsome and enigmatic murder suspect Christopher Halliwell?

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The Story of A Confession

A Confession follows Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher as he and his team search for Sian O'Callaghan following her disappearance in March 2011.

The series details the search for O'Callaghan before turning into a full-blown murder investigation where the Detective falls on his own sword in order to bring the suspected murderer to justice by using unlawful methods to acquire a confession.

A Confession

Who is Christopher Halliwell and who plays him?

Christopher Halliwell is the man responsible for the death of Sian O'Callaghan and Becky Godden-Edwards who disappeared several years prior in 2003.

Due to the unorthodox approach from Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher, Halliwell discloses the location Sian O'Callaghan's body and surprisingly, the remains of Becky Godden-Edwards who went missing almost a decade prior. 

In A Confession, Halliwell is portrayed by Joe Absolom, a veteran of the long-running comedy-drama series Doc Martin.

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A Confession Joe Absolom As Christopher Halliwell

What else has Joe Absolom been in?

Aside from the aforementioned Doc Martin, where Joe Absolom has been a regular since 2004 as the character Al Large, the actor has over 40 acting credits to his name according to IMDb.

Absolom began his acting career back in 1990 with an appearance in the TV series Screenplay. His next role arrived in 1992 when he took on work in the long-running crime drama The Bill in which he appeared in a number of roles until 2008.

Other notable appearances for Joe Absolom include the Caribbean murder mystery series Death in Paradise and Midsomer Murders as well as the BBC police drama Ashes to Ashes.

Joe Absolom is set to continue in his role as Christopher Halliwell in the remaining episodes of the A Confession series which continues on September 16th at 9pm on ITV.

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