Fans of NBA 2K20 are begging for a fix to the ‘no name on MyPlayer jersey’ glitch.

NBA 2K20 has just launched, and – aside from complaining about its promotion of gambling and lack of anything new – fans are not at all happy with its numerous glitches and bugs. One of the many issues talked about most online is the ‘no name on MyPlayer jersey’ glitch, and gamers are demanding an update/resolution from 2K Sports.

Despite having one of the best campaigns in any AAA sports video game (although The Washington Post reckons it’s “bland”), NBA 2K20 has received a lot of flak for being “2K 19.5.” There’s still the mysterious MyPlayer Nation to arrive this October, but fans are already regretting their annual purchase of dismay.

And this isn’t helped by the fact that there’s a myriad of technical shortcomings that are causing gamers to pull their hair out.

Is there a fix for the NBA 2K20 ‘no name on MyPlayer jersey’ glitch?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a fix available at the moment for the bug that is causing too many people to scream in annoyance.

The glitch is an issue that makes it impossible for a player to see their chosen name on the back of their MyPlayer’s jersey. This means gamers are just running around with a number on their back as if they were too poor to afford a name.

As you can imagine, this is a very frustrating dilemma as it completely ruins and breaks immersion, as well as wastes VC. Folks have shared their misery on Reddit and other forums in search of a fix, but the “best” resolution at the moment is to simply create another MyPlayer and start over.

And you don’t need me to explain why that’s not at all an attractive proposition.

The NBA 2K series is renowned for its MyCareers (especially compared to its slow WWE 2K brother), but in its current state appearances from Idris Elba cannot save 2K20 from the warranted backlash it has received. Fans wanted changes to the Park before release, but now all they demand is a fix to its myriad of problems.

NBA 2K20 fans demand fix for ‘no name on Jersey’ glitch

Fans of basketball and the NBA 2K series are currently irate as they search for a fix to the glitch in question.

This has resulted in fans asking what has happened to their once beloved franchise, but only when they’re not busy lamenting the fact they have wasted VC.

Others have expressed that they expect nothing less from 2K Sports, meanwhile most haven’t been too shabby with their words when asking for a fix.

The glitch doesn’t break the game by making it unplayable, but it is a bug that shouldn’t exist. Fans have every right to be annoyed, yet the only thing that can be said is hopefully a patch will be released in the very near future.

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