Does Jack Whitehall have a partner? Is he still with Gemma Chan?

Jack Whitehall performs a sold out show on his new 'Jack Whitehall: Stood Up’ stand-up tour at The O2 Arena on November 23, 2019 in London, England.

Jack Whitehall is loved by many, but fans are curious if he's single.

Jack Whitehall is definitely a perfect choice to host the 2020 Brit Awards. 

Who doesn't love to laugh? There are plenty of celebrities and people out there who can make us laugh without fail, but some are certainly more successful than others. For some, it's the aim of their job to have us howling in laughter - of course, we're talking about stand-up comedians

We've seen many rise to prominence, and on the contrary, there have been more than a handful who have dropped off, swamped by controversy. One who has managed to consistently please fans with his distinct sense of humour is Jack Whitehall. Audiences have seen him deliver comic characters in the likes of TV series such as Fresh Meat and Bad Education, but it's his stand-up which he remains the most renowned for. 

Stand-up comedy can reveal lots about those delivering the material, but some things take a bit of searching...

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(EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Jack Whitehall hosts The BRIT Awards 2019 held at The O2 Arena on February 20, 2019 in London, England.(EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Jack Whitehall hosts The BRIT Awards 2019 held at The O2 Arena on February 20, 2019 in London, England.

Is the comedian still with Gemma Chan

Comedians often joke about their private lives, but Jack Whitehall fans are unsure whether he's with anyone or not. 

For many years, most were well aware that he was dating English actress Gemma Chan; she played Ruth in Fresh Meat. The pair met on the set of the show and hit it off, beginning a romance which would truly take off. Are they still together? 

Well, the answer to that is no. The couple split up after six years back in December 2017; the same source says their relationship ended due to them both having busy schedules. Gemma has starred in many projects over the years, most notably Crazy Rich Asians (she played Astrid Leong-Teo), Transformers: The Last Knight (Quintessa), Mary Queen of Scots (Elizabeth Hardwick) and Captain Marvel (Minn-Erva). 

The 36-year-old performer is set to appear in another MCU effort coming soon - she'll play Sersi in The Eternals, estimated for release in late 2020. 

Jack Whitehall, and Gemma Chan attend the World Premiere of Jack Whitehall, and Gemma Chan attend the World Premiere of "The Bad Education Movie" at Vue West End on August 20, 2015 in London, England.

Does Jack Whitehall have a partner?

So, is Jack seeing anyone at the moment?

According to Distractify, it looks like the muli-talent is single right now. They do highlight, though, that rumours circulated back in 2018 that he was involved with pop star Dua Lipa. After Jack hosted that year's Brit Awards, somebody spotted them chatting away, with the comedian boasting a huge smile in her presence. 

However, nothing has really come of the rumours since, so perhaps it was just nothing. The source also outlines controversy surrounding his casting as an openly gay character in the forthcoming Disney blockbuster Jungle Cruise; he'll play McGregor Houghton. Many were quick to take to Twitter and criticise the decision not to cast an actor who was actually gay, arguing that they'll likely just ask him to play on the public's perception of his campness to sculpt a stereotype. 

The actor never directly addressed the criticism and is still set to appear in the film, cast alongside the likes of Dwayne Johnson (Rampage), Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place) and more. 

Jack Whitehall: Forthcoming projects

Considering Jack and Gemma broke up due to busy schedules, it's perhaps not too surprising that he still appears to be single. 

Along with Jungle Cruise, he's signed on to such projects as an adaptation of Clifford the Big Red Dog, which has also cast Rosie Perez, John Cleese and more. Then, he's also a part of the case for Mouse Guard, a live-action adaptation of David Petersen's graphic novel which will also star Idris Elba, Andy Serkis and more. 

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