Greedfall is an upcoming video game that the biggest RPG fanatics should preload on PS4 and Xbox One.

September is a really busy and competitive month thanks to the likes of Borderlands 3, FIFA 20 and the remaster of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, but fans of RPGs should definitely pre-order and preload Greedfall on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to play it the second it launches.

Greedfall is a new RPG by Spiders, and it appears to be the ideal replacement for Dragon Age and the old beloved BioWare that has gone missing thanks to being strangled to death by EA.

A sense of mystery and caution no doubt surrounds the title thanks to it being an entirely new and original IP by the people responsible for Bound by Flame and Of Orcs and Men, but it nonetheless promises to be a fantastic endeavour for those who absolutely love everything to do with RPGs.

What is Greedfall?

There’s no point pretending that I believe Greedfall is going to be the greatest RPG of all time on par with The Witcher 3 and Divinity Original Sin 2 as I don’t. Just from looking at the game’s trailers and gameplay alone, there are slight aspects that put me off such as its Dragon Age visuals and 2009 sex scenes with dolls that have no life in their eyes.

Yet, despite being viewed above as a negative, the fact that it also resembles a Dragon Age RPG from earlier makes it so enticing. This is because BioWare have become a shadow of their lofty former selves, meaning their throne is available for someone to usurp.

Ripout Game | Official Trailer

Provided you’re a fan of RPGs and the BioWare formula, Greedfall is definitely an expansive and imaginative title you should consider pre-ordering to preload. It has a lot of exciting features that BioWare fans desperately crave from their fallen idols, and it also has aspects that give it a unique identity.

Aside from romances and the dance with no pants that has become part and parcel with the RPG genre, one of the most exciting aspects of Greedfall is its five companions. Each of them appear to be well-written and susceptible to your charm, but they’re also realistic beings due to having political beliefs and opinions that will make them sulk if you don’t cater to their ideals.

In theory, this should make decisions and choices all the more impactful and consequential. It should also provide neat banter for when having two party members who absolutely despise one another.

Another great aspect of Greedfall is its open-world playground. While Dragon Age is only second in embracing everything fantastical behind Dragon Quest, Greedfall’s sandbox is instead inspired by 17th century history. This will give the world a sense of realism despite its deployment of magic and other fictional themes, and it should make lovers of history shudder in delight when they come across historical references.

This open-world is home to different quests, creatures and – of course – factions, and there’s a high amount of replayability thanks to multiple endings and unique playthroughs dependent on the rich array of skills you choose to purchase.

There’s also crafting because it wouldn’t be an RPG if there wasn’t, and developer Spiders has suggested that the main campaign will last 30-hours.

All of the above sounds typical for a role-playing video game, meaning it should be a delight for the genre’s biggest fans thanks to owning everything that makes it so beloved and special.

Greedfall release time and preload

The release date for Greedfall is September 10, with its release time being the standard 00:00.

You can pre-order it now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC through the necessary platforms, and doing so will unlock the Adventurer’s Gear Pack.

Some users on Reddit have shared preload times of 5 hours or more, meaning it’s definitely a title you should pre-order and preload if you want to play it the very second it launches.

There will no doubt be a plethora of bugs and fixes for the developers to patch at launch, but Greedfall should be too seductive a temptress for RPG fanatics to avoid playing with the moment it becomes single and available.

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