Five roles where Theo James looks even hotter - Sanditon fans will love these!

Sanditon Theo James

Sanditon's Theo James has certainly been catching the eye of some viewers.

While we've been forced to wait for the Downton Abbey film, which is heading our way on September 13th, ITV's Sanditon has been a brilliant period drama to get our teeth stuck into in the meantime.

The series offers up plenty of drama, romance and, of course, Theo James in the role of Sidney Parker and his appearance in the series is certainly one that's gone down well with a large section of the show's viewership.

Sanditon may only be three episodes in, at the time of writing, but Theo has already won over audiences, not only for his acting but also his dashing good looks which make him the perfect fit for a Jane Austen story.  

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Theo James in Sanditon

Theo James takes on one of the leading roles in Sanditon alongside the show's main character Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), who is a new addition to the titular town of Sanditon.

He plays Sidney Parker, a decidedly good looking individual who quickly catches the attention of the aforementioned Charlotte Heywood.

Despite Charlotte's wishes of creating a new and peaceful life for herself in the seaside town, she is quickly inundated with potential suitors in true Jane Austen style, including the eye-catching Sidney Parker. 

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Theo James Sanditon

Fans a very much loving Theo James in Sanditon 

In keeping with the seemingly running theme of attractive men emerging from water in Jane Austen stories, as also seen with Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice, Sanditon features a completely clothless Theo James making use of the seaside town's swimming facilities in the second episode and it's safe to say that at least 50% of viewers were impressed with what they saw.

More Theo James

Of course, Sanditon is far from the only show that features the dashing Theo James.

If your weekly dose of Theo in Sanditon isn't enough, then these five films and TV shows could be just the ticket to satisfy your Theo James cravings.

Divergent 2014

Arguably Theo James' biggest role to date came in the film adaptation of the Divergent novels, a trilogy similar to that of The Hunger Games.

In the film series, Theo James plays 'Four' aka. Tobias Eaton, and winds up being one of three romantic contenders for lead character Beatrice 'Tris' Prior.

Backstabbing for Beginners 2018

A more recent role for Theo James saw the Wycombe-born actor star in the film Backstabbing for Beginners where he appears alongside acting legend Ben Kingsley.

If you want to see Theo James ditch the period costumes for a suit and tie then this will be right up your street. 

A Passionate Woman 2010

2010's A Passionate Woman is, according to IMDb, Theo James' first major acting role. 

In the series, James appears alongside actress Billie Piper as the two hit it off in a passionate but forbidden affair. 

The Benefactor 2015

If you've seen Sanditon, you'll know that Theo James doesn't remain fully clothed throughout, something which it shares in common with the 2015 film The Benefactor.

Lying and Stealing 2019

Theo James' most recent film role, prior to his appearance in Sanditon of course, was in the film Lying and Stealing where he plays a charismatic thief who, with the help of the stunning Emily Ratajkowski, goes about his life of crime stealing priceless items from the ultra-rich.

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