Series 2 of The Circle will launch towards the end of September but can it live up to a breathtaking first series? HITC Culture spoke with Freddie, Dan and Precious to find out what they thought.

It’s a red carpet event at The Troxy, London, in the name of Dapper Laughs’ Second Coming – aka his return to employment via docu-film Fanatical.

Shuttling around the red carpet with all the energy of a Mentos in a Coca-Cola bottle is The Circle star Freddie. From afar, you’d think he is the excitable son of co-star Dan, who stands at the back of a long-line of Z-list celebrities with his trademark trucker cap tightly squeezed over his forehead. Clearly, he’s not fussed about ‘being seen’.

Precious Muir, one of the brief cast members on series 1, is the polar opposite. A wide open neck lingerie-style blue bodysuit shimmers in the light of the paparazzi flash as she catches the eye of everyone on the floor. She’s a true reflection of the confident, curvaceous woman we witnessed lapping up the camera every time she left the bathroom in noting but a white towel.

Dan is cool. He’s quiet, relaxed and humble, happy to briefly show his face before jetting home at the nearest hint of a potential exit. Freddie works the carpet like a rampant hoover, bouncing from camera to camera with sass and noisy style.

Each of the three characters are exactly as we witnessed in The Circle, and that’s why fans loved them. Now the pressure is firmly on Channel 4 to find equally show-stoping and entertaining personalities as series 2 draws closer. 

Is it an impossible task?

Dan and Fiji are going strong

Since leaving the confined containment of The Circle apartment, Dan has been able to get back to his regular social life and London job as an estate agent.

Oh, and not forgetting the gym, as the 6ft2+ hunk joked that he rarely used the equipment on site because the weights generally “weren’t heavy enough”.

Dan added:

“It’s not too bad in there (the apartment). It’s not like you are cooped inside the entire time, there is a balcony your’e allowed to hang out on and get some fresh air. I also cooked a lot cus’ I love cooking. You’re allowed a list of food which they provide for you.”

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Perhaps the best relationship to form on the show – bar Dan’s toe-curlingly awkward love for ‘Kate’, who was actually eventual winner Alex Hobern – was that of Dan and his turtle Fiji.

Fiji became a cult hero on the show and Dan explained that he’s had his pet for four years having first picked out Fiji from a fish shop when searching for a companion for his new flat.

Still single and on the market looking for love, let’s hope Fiji stays around for another good few years.

“I came home today and he was laying on the rock, like sprawled out, eyes closed and everything. I was really worried but gave the tank a good knock and he came around.”

Freddie is enjoying his ‘Circle glow up’

Freddie was almost unrecognisable on the red carpet as he paraded what he called a ‘Circle glow up’, which featured a swanky new haircut, lip filler and teeth job.

And, as always, the 21-year-old couldn’t help but drop a few bombs of life-changing wisdom when it came to self confidence.

Completing much of the interview while re-shaping his hair in the mirror, Freddie said:

“If you walk past a mirror and don’t look at yourself then you don’t love yourself.”

Now gearing up to enjoy watching the show as a spectator, Freddie was keen to give a masterclass on “how to finish second”.

“You’ve got be very smart and tactical to win The Circle. At the end of the day, it’s all about making good television. If you need to have an argument to stay on the show then have an argument.”

But that’s not say Channel 4 ever pushed certain scenarios or force-fed words into cast members’ mouths. Freddie added:

‘We were never, never, never given scripts or told to say things like inother reality TV shows. I am as crazy as I am on the show and I just went on there to entertain the nation.”

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Precious believes series 2 will be even better!

The second series of The Circle comes with added pressure and expectation. Last year’s presenter, Maya Jama, has been shipped out for fan-favourite and the more internationally recognised Emma Willis, while there are rumours that the show will stretch beyond the previous three-week period.

However, Precious believes that the brainboxes behind Channel 4 will find new and inventive ways to keep the show original, fending off any potential second season syndrome along the way.

She said:

“They could throw so many different spanners in the works, I still think this year’s The Circle will be one of the best shows on TV.

They had a baby… what next, they could put an entire family in an apartment. And with everyone having watched the show last year, the contestants ate going to be even more wary of who could be a Catfish. I think series 2 is going to be amazing!”

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