The clock just keeps on ticking, but how long for?

Of all the stories still being told on television, which is the best?

There would be strong cases made in the name of many, from Peaky Blinders to Stranger Things, but the debate will never be settled, will it… Perhaps a little easier is to debate where the best place to watch the best shows is. You have Amazon Prime and a sea of others competing in the ambitious landscape of TV right now, but often inching its way to the forefront is Netflix. 

Although it’s arguable that they’re slacking on the movie front, they can’t really be knocked for their series output. There are so many great shows on there, and of those is Courtney A. Kemp’s Power – a mighty contender in the “best series still going” conversation. 

It’s recently surfaced again for its sixth season, but what can we expect after that? 

Power on Netflix: Will there be a season 7?

There’s already an answer, and that’s no!

Already, the show’s Wikipedia page highlights that Starz – the US network – renewed it for a sixth and final season, so fans can expect a definitive conclusion from season 6; if Power wants to offer any resolution, that is. After all, we’ve seen more than a handful of shows end on a cliffhanger never to be seen again. 

Those who are watching it air weekly rather than binging it once the whole season’s available, you’ll know that things are heating up nicely. UK audiences see episodes drop weekly in wake of their US premiere, and considering it’s set to be the last season, we’re pretty happy to have them spaced out. 

Adoring fans will surely be sad to see it finish, but if the ending manages to fulfil audience expectations, then we could see Power go down as one of the decade’s most celebrated series.  

How many episodes left?

Now we know to expect no seventh season, it’s perhaps more fitting to contemplate the near future and consider how many episodes the sixth will offer. The answer is fifteen; instead of another season, they’ve likely worked out how to satisfy fans with a longer, more fleshed out sixth season instead. 

According to The Sun, season 6 has been split into two parts; she suggests the tail end of the season will air later than the first ten episodes. The same source includes a snippet of her conversation with TV Guide: “Like every season, episode eight is going to be a huge ending — big, big shift. Episode 10 is cray. Then [episode 11] to [episode 15] are a way to explain what has happened. The last 45 seconds of [Episode 15] are some of my favourite television I’ve ever done.”

Considering the majority of previous seasons were ten episodes in length, it’s likely that they saw it fit to divide them up for a number of reasons; a little like how Breaking Bad‘s final season was split. 

Courtney A. Kemp

Creator Courtney A. Kemp could be sitting on a near-perfect TV masterclass here – only time will tell. 

If you’re wondering if she has anything else in the pipeline, taking into account we’re in the final season of Power, the answer is no, it doesn’t appear that she has anything in the pipeline just yet. 

Before Power, she had worked on the likes of The Good Wife, Beauty and the Beast (TV series), Hawaii Five-O, Happy Town and My Own Worst Enemy. Needless to say, Power stands out as the biggest widespread hit, but with a track record like her’s, we can likely expect big things even after Power concludes. 

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