Bad Boys 3 trailer song: Iconic, nostalgic Bad Boys For Life captures spirit of the sequel!

Bad Boys For Life

It looks like one of 2020's must-see movies has reared its head at last.

"I'm gonna penetrate this man's soul with my heart."

It's back, and actually, the trailer is anything but bad. Glancing over the nineties, 1995 stands out as a particularly great year for cinema. You had Martin Scorsese's Casino, David Fincher's Seven and Michael Mann's Heat stunning the masses, as well as smaller films like Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise and Larry Clark's Kids making waves on the indie scene. 

It's not exactly Heat, but Michael Bay's Bad Boys the very same year stands out as a thoroughly enjoyable and iconic slice of adrenaline-fuelled action cinema. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence proved to be a charismatic buddy-cop pairing; eight years later, Michael brought the boys back in the explosive sequel, 2003's Bad Boys II

After years and years, it looked as though a third in the franchise would never surface, but fortunately for fans, it's back with a bang. 

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith yelling at each other while holding machine guns to defend themselves in a scene from the film 'Bad Boys', 1995.

Bad Boys For Life

The third instalment in the influential Bad Boys series is aptly titled Bad Boys For Life. Eyeing a January 2020 release, it's clear that Will and Martin just weren't ready to say goodbye to the bad boy life, resurrecting the franchise a whopping seventeen years after the previous entry.

Fans were initially sceptical due to Michael Bay's absence in the director's chair - this time it's helmed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who previously worked on Black, Image and 2018's Patser. When announcements began to come in, fans were a little sceptical, feeling that the third may fail to capture the spirit of its predecessors. 

Now that the trailer has arrived, worry has deteriorated significantly. It looks like a total blast, with the central stars back in action and showing off their withstanding comedic chemistry. In Edgar Wright's comedy gem Hot Fuzz, Danny asks Nicholas in disbelief: "You haven't seen Bad Boys II?" Well, come 2020, fans could be saying the same of the third... 

Bad Boys 3 trailer song

The long-awaited trailer for Bad Boys For Life features a cool mash-up of the iconic cut 'Bad Boys' by Inner Circle and 'Bad Boy For Life' by Diddy with Black Rob and Mark Curry. 

Honestly, the lyrics "bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do?" have become synonymous with the series, and it's hilarious to see the trailer serve up a little self-aware parody of sorts right at the end. After the title reveal dominates the screen, we cut to detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett staring in annoyance at three officers singing the song. 

"Hey hey, hey, nu-uh, no, never, y'all will never do that again," booms Mike (Will Smith). It's a funny little moment, and those three characters are basically the audience at this point, geeking out over Bad Boys' return and celebrating with the track. 

With a great bit of comedy like that, hopes are higher than ever before for the trilogy to roar into motion. 

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Diddy nostalgia! 

When you're resurrecting a franchise which has lain dormant for almost two decades, nostalgia promises to play a crucial role in determining success. 

Nostalgia feels even more important lately - look no further than Stranger Things - and the trailer really had to encourage fans to reminisce about what Bad Boys' return meant back in 2003. Even today, it stands out for its ballsy approach to action spectacle, favouring fun over anything else and wearing its nineties influence like a crown of bullets. It takes us back to the likes of True Lies, Con Air, Point Break and other surrounding classics of the decade. 

By coming in with Diddy's 'Bad Boy For Life' from the 2001 album The Saga Continues, lyrics like "we can't be stopped" and "we still here" perfectly encapsulate the attitude of this sequel, while also transporting us to a simpler time for the genre. They could've gone with a new hit, but it just wouldn't have worked as well. In essence, we're saying it's pretty much the best job they could've done with a first trailer. Initially, it looked like this could be one to skip, but by taking us back, it's almost sold as a must-see event movie - a trip down memory lane with the benefit of today's tech at their disposal. Bad boys for life, indeed. 

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