What happened between Jac and Joseph in Holby City? Luke Roberts returns!

Holby City

It's safe to say that more than a few tears were shed with the Holby City star's return.

Nothing stirs the pot quite like a love triangle. 

Many soaps and shows have boasted some great ones over the years, and of course, Holby City has offered some pretty solid examples too. 

However, audiences have recently witnessed the rekindling of one which stunned audiences years ago. Understandably, it can be hard to keep things fresh after so long, but BBC's medical drama has done just that since it first premiered in 1999. Reaching a two-decade anniversary, fans were expecting the show to pull some welcome surprises out of the bag, and fortunately, there have been some striking ones. 

Let's dive into the big talking point!

Holby City

Luke Roberts returns!

Sometimes there's no better way to raise intrigue than bringing a character out of the past and into the present. 

We've seen some good and bad examples, but fans were thrilled with the promise of Luke Roberts' return and it didn't disappoint. As we near an entire decade of his character's - Joseph Byrne - absence from the show, fans were all excited to see that Luke was back to reprise the role, which Metro reports is part of Holby City's twentieth-anniversary festivities. 

Along with the likes of Patsy Kensit returning as Faye Morton, we were welcomed to see some old favourites drop in to fuel the drama, but it's worth jogging our memories. How did Joseph leave? The character showed up in 2006 as a surgeon at the hospital, juggling many a compelling storyline until his departure in 2011.

So, here's what happened...

What happened between Jac and Joseph in Holby City?

Back when Luke made the decision to hop off the Holby train and pursue other projects, the writers had to craft a storyline which would do his character justice while feeling logical.

In the end, they landed on having him leave the hospital and moving over to Cumbria. After his problematic marriage to Faye and their child Harry, Joseph actually moved onto Jac, resulting in him having to juggle the stress of both work and life as a single dad - and then there are the strenuous attempts at romance.

His efforts prove taxing and he decides to accept a job offer in Penrith, leading up to the big question: would Jac go with him? Facing down a life-changing decision, she’s urged to decline and Joseph leaves regardless. In a flood of tears, Jac mourns him in a particularly memorable outburst, even leading actor Luke to make a pretty funny comment. According to the Metro, he said in an interview: “Had I known that Jac broke down in that way [after Joseph left], I never would have left! She does a fantastic job.”

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What has he been in since?

He may have been back for 'The Perfect Storm' but you may have seen him in a range of other exciting projects since he left the show in the early 2010s. 

In 2011 he tackled the role of Captain of the Guard in the blockbuster smash Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; working with the likes of Geoffrey Rush (The King's Speech) and more straight out of the gate must have been some dream. Then he went on to appear in Dracula: The Dark Prince (he played the titular character), Reign (Simon Westbrook), 300: Rise of an Empire (Butcher), Taxi Brooklyn (Rhys), Game of Thrones (Arthur Dayne), Black Sails (Woodes Rogers), Ransom (Eric Beaumont) and beyond. 

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