Colin and Post are obviously missing Game of Thrones too.

Now that was cool!

Post Malone is undoubtedly one of the most prominent mainstream artists to emerge in recent years. Following the release of his debut studio album – 2016’s Stoney – everybody was captivated with his unique style, blend of genres and humble attitude to the music game. 

Although the album made waves, it was clear that his follow-up would take things to the next level – of course, that’s exactly what it did. Austin Richard Post’s sophomore record Beerbongs & Bentleys took the world by storm in 2018, serving up hit singles from ‘Rockstar featuring 21 Savage’ to ‘Better Now’. Maintaining his ability to deliver sing-along hits with widespread appeal, he soon became one of the proud faces of modern chart music and radio-friendly bangers. 

His presence is inescapable and with the release of new song ‘Circles’, he’s gone from climbing ladders to trees!

Post Malone backed by Sublime With Rome headlines Bud Light’s Dive Bar Tour In New York City

Post Malone: ‘Circles’ video

‘Circles’ was released on Friday, August 30th 2019, with the ambitious video following swiftly after on Tuesday, September 3rd. Let’s dive into it…

We open on Post, with the camera slowly edging around him. He’s in the centre, and with the camera movement it’s almost as if he’s the axis; the world revolving around him, making his powerful knight and armour attire appear even more fitting. Around him are arrow-strewn corpses, and it’s quickly established that he has survived a particularly bloody battle. 

The mellow guitar kicks in, almost bringing Post’s character back to life as he swings into motion, clumsily recovering to his feet. A woman sees his activity in a reflection, and we get the initial impression that she’s the princess locked in a tower that he has to save. Moving on with more (seemingly) Game of Thrones-inspired imagery, we see strangers doing their best to salvage and survive. Post acquires a horse and later sees the woman moving in the water; going in to save her, we’re bombarded with a bunch of hallucinatory and surreal imagery of him watching himself burn, be buried and more. 

In the end, the Rapunzel-Esque figure drops down her lengthy hair and Post climbs up the tree to her hideaway. It ends with them riding off into the distance on horseback. 

The talented Colin Tilley

Honestly, there’s a lot going on and it’s a really great, artistic and conceptual video; arguably one of Post Malone’s best yet. 

One can’t help feel it’s quite personal to him, as it appears to deal with themes of journey and rebirth. By seeing the artist engulfed in flames and pulled into an open grave, it conjures ideas of pressure and demise, but alas, he survives and succeeds in his quest. Could he be communicating that the forthcoming album will change how people perceive him? We see different incarnation’s of Post in the video, and we’re ready for him to show us and explore new sides of himself in the new material. 

On the whole though, the best word we’d use to describe the video is epic, and perhaps the stylised video is just the best way to say “hey, Post’s back with a new track and he’s still our knight in shining armour.” It’s a pretty solid cut, so that seems like a pretty nice and easy way to look at it. It’s directed by the phenomenally talented Colin Tilley who has directed some incredible music videos across his career. 

He’s made them for the likes of Kendrick Lamar, YG, Yungblud, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Iggy Azalea, Logic and more; he also directed the video for Post Malone’s ‘Goodbyes’ featuring Young Thug. Post’s recent singles have gone down well, and we’re all ready to embrace his third studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding


Hollywood’s Bleeding

The intriguing new record is set to arrive on Friday, September 6th 2019. 

There are some fascinating features lined up for fans, with such artists as Ozzy Osbourne, SZA and Travis Scott lined up to appear. Check out the track-listing below, according to Wikipedia:

1. ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ 2:36

2. ‘Saint Tropez’ 2:30

3. ‘Enemies (featuring DaBaby)’ 3:16

4. ‘Allergic’ 2:36

5. ‘A Thousand Bad Times’ 3:41

6. ‘Circles’ 3:34

7. ‘Die for Me (featuring Future and Halsey)’ 4:05

8. ‘On the Road (featuring Meek Mill and Lil Baby)’ 3:38

9. ‘Take What You Want (featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott)’ 3:49

10. ‘I’m Gonna Be’ 3:20

11. ‘Staring at the Sun (featuring SZA)’ 2:48

12. ‘Sunflower (with Swae Lee)’ 2:38

13. ‘Internet’ 2:03

14. ‘Goodbyes” (featuring Young Thug)’ 2:56

15. ‘Myself’ 2:38

16. ‘I Know’ 2:21

17. ‘Wow’ 2:29

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