There’s nothing like an exciting new character to keep a show fresh.

If you’re looking for something to watch, then you’re certainly spoilt for choice. 

So many great shows have emerged in 2019, with a bunch of new titles like HBO’s Chernobyl fighting to the forefront and earning unparalleled critical acclaim. 

On the other hand, sometimes you just want to kick back and enjoy a show with equal amounts of heart and laughs. There’s plenty of that too, but Workin’ Moms is probably one of the most satisfying recent examples. The Canadian sitcom arrived back in 2017 on CBS and immediately attracted the attention of audiences. 

There are some great performances across the show, from Catherine Reitman’s – also the series’ creator  – to Dani Kind’s. The hilarious series from Wolf and Rabbit Entertainment is also available on Netflix, with three seasons available now. The cast is back, but it’s a new addition which has earned some curious glances. 

Workin’ Moms: Victor Webster

Season 3 of Workin’ Moms has gone down a storm with fans, and you’ll be pleased to know that it was renewed for a fourth season back in May, which Wikipedia notes is expected to air in winter 2020. 

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Across thirteen episodes we’ve had plenty of laughs and witnessed a whirlwind of drama, but one of the biggest takeaways was the arrival of Mike Bolinski, played by the phenomenal Victor Webster. 

Reactions have been pretty positive, to say the least. One Twitter user joked: “I’m quite convinced I only like a series if Victor Webster appears in it.” The 46-year-old Canadian actor boasts a rather impressive career and has been working for over two decades now. 

Needless to say, you’ll recognise more than a handful of the projects he’s worked on. Let’s take a look…

Victor Webster: Movies & TV

Where do you start?

We’ll start by saying he’s been in a lot, so let’s take it from the beginning. Victor’s first credited role is that of Roger on the 1998 series Sunset Beach and a range of other TV roles followed; Days of Our Lives (he played Nicholas Alamain), Baywatch (Lyle Garrett), Sex and the City (Chip Kil-Kinney), Mutant X (Brennan), Related (Marco), to name a handful. 

As for films, he’s appeared across Bringing Down the House (Glen), Surrogates (Lopez), Burning Palms (Paulo), Alligator Alley (Tristan), A Good Man (Sasha) and more. 

However, the majority of his roles are in TV productions. Later small screen roles include Continuum (Carlos Fonnegra), White Collar (Eric Dunham), Castle (Josh Davidson), Bones (Brad Benson), Melrose Place (Caleb Brewer), Harper’s Island (Hunter Jennings) and Charmed (Coop). 

Following his part on Workin’ Moms, we can expect him to tackle the role of Hawk in forthcoming action movie Wings Over Everest directed by Fay Yu, as well as that of Kyle Cooper in murder mystery The Matchmaker Mysteries

Follow him on Instagram!

If you’re loving his work, particularly his turn in Workin’ Moms, then it’s absolutely worth giving him a follow on Instagram over at @iamvictorwebster; he currently boasts 33.8k followers. 

Similarly, you can head over to his Twitter at @webstervictor. Interestingly, he also has an excellent Instagram page dedicated solely to his photography work, which you can check out at @victorwebsterphotography. There are some incredible shots on there, and some of an abandoned amusement park are particularly haunting. 

If you’re into that sort of thing, be sure to have a scroll!

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