For a short while, it looked like a serious loose end was on the cards.

It’s back, it’s back, it’s back!

Gazing out over the current landscape of TV, one can feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of talent on display. You’ll see many argue that television has never been better, citing titles like Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, Stranger Things, Mindhunter and beyond to help reinforce the argument. 

Increasingly, Power is being mentioned in the same breath as such modern masterclasses as Breaking Bad and Prison Break. Perhaps the biggest triumph is just how invested fans are after five seasons – very few would express beliefs that it’s dropped off in the slightest. Stronger than ever, audiences have been invited to witness the epic conclusion, with the sixth and final season finally arriving; it premiered on Sunday, August 25th 2019.

The introductory episode was a hit, but something was missing…

What happened to Dre in Power?

There was lots to focus on, but upon reflection of the return’s first episode, fans couldn’t help but stare and say “hey, where’s Dre?”

The episode certainly stumped many viewers, urging them to reflect on the character’s journey up until this point. In exchange for his protection, we witnessed Andre “Dre” Coleman hop into a van and disappear in the tail-end of season 5. In that season, it was agreed that he would kill Jason for Ghost, but after the target’s informed, it proves rather tricky and he fails to go through with it.

Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary | Official Trailer | IMDb TV

Besides resorting to informing and ramping up the danger, we also see him fall prey to hitmen, spiralling a chain of events which leads to him telling very serious lies about the murders of Mike and Lobos.

Is he back, or did season 5 mark his departure? Fans of actor Romiti were initially worried, but it appears we can expect him back and still playing a crucial role in the unravelling narrative; he’s credited to forthcoming episodes on IMDb. At this stage, he’s currently in the federal government’s custody. We didn’t forget about Dre! 

Rotimi’s film and TV work

So, that’s that then!

During an interview with the 30-year-old actor on The Angie Martinez Showhe began to reveal his personal excitement for the incoming crop of episodes: “For me, personally, this is probably my favourite season because you get to see the human side of [Dre], you see why he makes the decisions he makes…”

With it being the final season, audiences can expect a satisfying conclusion to the character’s compelling arc, and if you want to check out more of his screen work after the finale airs, then be sure to have a look at some of these films and shows. 

His first credited role is that of Ty in the TV movie Cooper and Stone back in 2011, later landing roles in the likes of TV series Boss (he played Darius Morrison), Betrayal (Lil D), Imperial Dreams (Wayne), Divergent (Ezra), Battle Creek (Danny), Deuces (Face), Burning Sands (Edwin), Acts of Violence (Frank) and more. 

His best role is (very) arguably in Power, and Dre-haters may be set to change their minds about him in a pretty big way after some suspected reveals.

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Although the character has garnered heated reactions across the series, it’s a testament to Rotimi’s acting ability that he’s able to consistently raise such a passionate response. 

We’re all expecting big things this season, and all eyes will be on Andre as the show approaches its highly anticipated conclusion. 

Once it’s finished airing, the actor should have some great stuff lined up; to stay in the loop, the best bet is to follow the star on his Instagram over at @rotimi. He currently has 1.6m followers – colour us impressed! We hope you enjoy the latest season, and we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for anything else Power has on the way. 

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