What started as a leisurely lunchtime break scanning through videos on YouTube has lead everyone in the world into questioning their own existence.

For me, it was another day of microwave-warmed Uncle Ben’s rice and some medium-spiced chicken, flicking through YouTube looking for something funny to watch.

Swinging back on my desk chair wondering if my rice would be clumped together in the corner of Ben’s flavourless packet like it always bloody is, I needed a hearty chuckle to help ride through the remaining few minutes of a typically ropey Monday morning.

Ah, no.1 trending video no YouTube, The Egg.

What could possibly go wrong…


What is The Egg about?

The seven-minute YouTube video was uploaded on September 1st and follows a popular short story created by American writer Andy Weir in 2009.

The Egg questions the purpose of life and human existence. It probes into what human life means, why we were created and what happens after what we know in this life as ‘death’.

God and a 48-year-old human interact following a fatal car accident, with the human taking on the role of the viewer.

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Life according to Andy Weir’s The Egg

An introspective look at human life and the possibilities of what happens after death, The Egg forces viewers into thinking about huge philosophical questions.

According to Andy Weir’s story, existence itself is simplified to taking on the form of an egg.

The story explains that both death and time do not really exist – they are concepts on earth that humans created.

Instead, The Egg explains that god created one single human. This human life grew and multiplied. And, since that time, whenever a human life died, it simply moved on to take the form of another life, reincarnated in past or present time.

In the YouTube video, the 48-year-old man is reincarnated as a Chinese peasant girl in 540 AD following death. The euphemism ties back to an egg because it implies that the whole world and all of its lifeforms is like one big egg – constantly growing and evolving as one human race, opposed to millions of individuals.

God says in the video:

“Every time you victimised someone…you were victimising yourself. Every act of kindness you’ve done, you’ve done to yourself. Every happy and sad moment ever experienced by any human was, or will be, experienced by you.”

People react on social media

Those who have watched The Egg have been left confused, speechless and inspired, all dependant on their understanding and experience with the video.

Naturally, however, mankind has always allowed room for humour.

One YouTube viewer commented on the video adding: “It must have been really annoying to say that to him 7,000,000,000 times!”

Another added: 

Mom: How was your dinner? Me:I am the dinner. Mom: What? anyway, what did you do at school? Me: I was the teacher, the students and everyone.

Reactions on Twitter have seen people applaud the video for it’s ability to explain extremely debatable and complex physiological, spiritual and religious theories in a clear and simple manner that manages to appeal huge volumes of people from varying backgrounds.

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