The A List is making its way over to Netflix in the US but who is its star Ellie Duckles?

Despite making its debut on the BBC, The A List has now transitioned over to the streaming giant Netflix in the US and will now be treated as a Netflix original on the streaming service.

The move means that after its original run in October 2018 and now finding its new home on Netflix, the actors on the show are surely going to profit from some added exposure.

One such actor is one of the series’ leading trio, Ellie Duckles who takes on the role of Amber in the teen thriller.

History of The A List

As mentioned, The A List started out in life as a BBC teen drama which released in October 2018.

Since then, however, the show has been bought up by Netflix who’ll be streaming the series on its US platform as a Netflix original from August 30th, 2019.

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The series itself, meanwhile, tells the story of Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) as she arrives at an idyllic summer camp hoping to enjoy the summer of a lifetime but in fact her experience quickly becomes the holiday from hell and is joined by a sizeable ensemble cast.

Ellie Duckles: A Profile

Ellie Duckles takes on a starring role in The A List and with its fresh exposure on the Netflix streaming service, it’s probably her biggest role to date in what has been a short career so far.

Like many professional actors out there, 25-year-old Ellie Duckles has a presence on social media including the image-sharing site Instagram where she boasts an amicable 5000 followers, at the time of writing, and will no doubt be hoping that The A List’s new lease of life will earn her some more attention.

To see Ellie Duckles’ Instagram for yourself, her username is educkles.

Ellie Duckles’ previous roles

After beginning her acting career in earnest in 2018, it’s unsurprising to see that Ellie Duckles has just three acting credits to her name according to IMDb.

Of course, there is her role as Amber in The A List, which is undoubtedly her biggest role to date which boasts appearances in 13 episodes of the show.

However, she has also appeared in one episode of the Netflix show Safe as well as in three episodes of ITV’s The Bay.

While it’s not the most impressive of acting careers, the programmes Ellie Duckles has appeared in show promise so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the upcoming actor pick up a few more roles in the coming years.

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