Has Peaky Blinders found a pothole on the road to TV perfection?

It’s a bit worrying that many people were forced to reminisce of a certain Simpsons character during the new series of Peaky Blinders…

As we’re likely both very sure, this can’t have been the creators’ intentions. Since the series’ arrival on BBC Two back in 2013, the acclaimed British series has gone on to become one of the most popular airing today. It has a stellar cast, which has seen the likes of Joe Cole (A Prayer Before Dawn), Helen McCrory (Harry Potter franchise) and many more turn out exceptional work. 

However, the clear fan-favourite and main attraction has always been Cillian Murphy as the fascinating Tommy Shelby, who of course, is back and central for series 5, which began airing on BBC One on Sunday, August 25th 2019.

It’s gone down a treat so far, but fans can’t help but moan about a new arrival’s accent. 

Peaky Blinders: Jimmy McCavern

So far, we’ve seen some new additions provide a very welcome presence for the new episodes. 

Perhaps the best example would be Billy Grade, who we anticipate will become a bit of a favourite thanks to an already strong performance from Emmett Scanlan (Snatch, Krypton).

Proving more divisive though has been the introduction of Glaswegian street gang, the Billy Boys. They were protestant, and  – as highlighted by the BBC – were one of two main gangs in the 1930s, whose aim was to terrorise the catholic population. The Billy Boys were led by Billy Fullerton; in Peaky Blinders, we witness them led by Jimmy McCavern, played by Brian Gleeson (son of Brendan Gleeson and brother of Domhnall Gleeson). 

Unfortunately, audiences have slammed the actor’s attempts at a Glaswegian accent, which some feel has affected their immersion in the narrative – when he’s on-screen, that is. 


Twitter takes on that accent!

Fans have taken to Twitter to serve up their thoughts, and some are pretty funny. 

One Twitter user wrote: “Can someone just bump this Jimmy bloke off already I can’t be dealing with having to put up with that shocking attempt at a Glaswegian accent all season long #PeakyBlinders”. 

Another added: “Peaky Blinders was incredible, as always. The only infuriating thing is Jimmy’s accent. Any random Glaswegian off the street would’ve been better.”

In an even more passionate response, someone else chimed in: “Cannot wait for jimmy from the Billy boys to die because it means I don’t have to hear brian Gleeson’s terrible Scottish accent again. #peakyblinders.” Similarly, “Tune in to Peaky Blinders to see the role of Jimmy – leader of the Billy Boys – portrayed beautifully by Groundskeeper Willie.”

Our favourite, on the other hand, would have to be this one right here: “Seriously the fella who plays Jimmy has the worst accent ever sounds like my brother taking the piss out of Shrek fs #PeakyBlinders.” 


Brian Gleeson: Movies & TV

Chances are you’ve seen him in something else rather recently; he’s been in some notable projects. 

Across his more recent filmography, it’s worth highlighting roles in the likes of Hellboy (he played Merlin in the divisive reboot), Phantom Thread (Dr. Robert Hardy), Mother! (Younger Brother), Logan Lucky (Sam Bang), Assassin’s Creed (Young Joseph) and Snow White and the Huntsman (Gus). 

As for TV, you may recognise him from Resistance (Jimmy Mahon), Taken Down (Wayne), Rebellion (Jimmy Mahon – yes, again), Quirke (Sinclair) and more. 

It’s great he’s landed a role in Peaky Blinders, but unless some changes are made to that accent, he may be destined for further ridicule. Let’s hope not!

In other news, Locked Up spin-off is on the way.