Square Enix fans are not amused by the apparent censorship of Siren and Rinoa in the Final Fantasy 8 Remaster.

The Final Fantasy 8 Remaster launches in only one day on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, and fans are not at all happy about the way Siren and Rinoa have been censored by Square Enix.

This follows concerns about Tifa having been censored in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake scheduled to launch next year, which prompted the bizarre and concerning news about the renowned Japanese publisher/developer now being tamed by an “ethics department“.

Regardless of how minute you believe the below changes are, there’s no denying that a lot of Square Enix followers and fans of the original Final Fantasy 8 are more than just a tad peeved.

Final Fantasy 8 Remaster censorship: How Square Enix have changed Siren and Rinoa

Although Final Fantasy 8 isn’t the best instalment in the never-ending series (that honour goes to Final Fantasy 9), it does boast a bevy of passionate fans who absolutely adore its characters and story.

It’s definitely an excellent entry that shows how far the series has fallen since the appallingly bad Final Fantasy 10, meaning it’s a HD port jaded fans should revisit to replenish their love for arguably the most renowned JRPG trademark.

However, while the gameplay, story and characters will no doubt make you fall head over heels for Final Fantasy once more, the way Square Enix have censored Siren and Rinoa might put you off indefinitely.

As pointed out by Twitter user Hi3cchi, Square Enix have slightly altered the design of Siren.

In case you can’t see the pictures or are somehow not looking in the right area, the change is that Square Enix have added more feathers to cover up Siren’s crotch.

Another alteration that has a number of fans just as annoyed is the apparent censorship of Rinoa’s cleavage.

Fans hate Final Fantasy 8 Remaster censorship

Regardless whether you think the above is petty or something else entirely, there’s no ignoring the fact that a number of fans have expressed their dismay on Twitter.

Some have showed their annoyance about the Rinoa change by condemning it as BS on par with the “breast reduction” for Tifa in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Most people have simply pledged to boycott the Remaster to avoid supporting any form of censorship at all cost.

While the above embodies most of the stereotypical viewpoints in response to the controversy, there are some level-headed fans who have defended the decision.

The censorship isn’t all that big a deal as Siren’s crotch was likely covered up to hide the possibility of her pelvic area being mistakenly seen as bare.

Meanwhile, the uproar over Rinoa’s cleavage is just strange as there’s barely anything visible in the original thanks to outdated visuals.

Censorship isn’t something that should be celebrated or embraced as it has jeopardised a number of games, but the above examples are minuscule adjustments that affect absolutely nothing.

Plus, they’re the only changes in the entire port. Shiva hasn’t been censored despite her crotch being fully visible as well, and the game is still an excellent entry that JRPG fanatics and series veterans should return to.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered launches on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on September 3.

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