Few films have as a bizarre and interesting cast line-up as Fanatical, which is set for cinema release on Friday, September 6th.

If you’re a fan of the football-movie genre then there’s no doubt that your eyes light up when Green Street, Goal, The Football Factory or Rise of the Foot Soldier randomly pop up on the TV schedule.

Now that’s what we call a Super Sunday!

Yet outside of the footballing community, there’s no doubt that your girlfriend takes zero pleasure in seeing Santiago Muñez bag a last minute winner for Newcastle or watching Frodo Baggins take one to the chin from a Millwall fan.

Well, comedian Dapper Laughs also fits into this category and has been hiding the fact that he hates football throughout his entire career.

Featuring Jamie O’Hara and Neil Ruddock… here’s everything you need to know about the docu-film that takes Dapper on a journey to footballing wisdom. 


What is Fanatical about?

Thirty-five-year-old comedian Dapper Laughs, real name Daniel O’Reilly, is perhaps the godfather of lad humour. After all, he did kick-start the expression “proper moist”.

The YouTube star and stand-up comedian is brash, offensive and has a renown tongue-in-cheek humour for all things beer and woman.

However, what you probably didn’t know about the former Celebrity Big Brother (2018) contestant is that he is utterly clueless when it comes to football. 

Fanatical takes Daniel on a journey to becoming a ‘proper’ football fan, where he embarks on a Green Street-style journey to learning about what it means to be in love with the beautiful game from match-day antics to technical lingo and pub culture.

It’s all about laughs and not violence, though, as Dapper is ridiculed for his anti-lad understanding of football where he doesn’t even know the offside rule.

The documentary is produced by Terry Stone, who also helped to produce Rise of The Foot Soldier, Doghouse and many more.

Who is in the cast?

Dapper meets and greets a range of football players and fans including Neil Ruddock, Billericay Town owner Glenn Tamplin, Jamie O’Hara, Jason Marriner and Lucy Clark (the first transgender football referee).

During the documentary he also trains with like a pro and meets some of the UK’s most die-hard football fans.

How to watch Fanatical – and attend the premiere!

The world premiere of Fanatical lands in London (The Troxy) on Thursday, September 5th, before cinema release the next day.

A three-in-one premiere also features a special stand-up show by Dapper Laughs and after-party that goes on to 2 am. Buy tickets for the premiere show and VIP after-party here!

Fanatical will be available to watch online via a range of digital stores from November 29th.


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