The A List is making its way over to Netflix in the US but who is its star Lisa Ambalavanar?

Despite making its debut on the BBC, The A List has now transitioned over to the streaming giant Netflix in the US and will now be treated as a Netflix original on the streaming service.

The move means that after its original run in October 2018 and now finding its new home on Netflix, the actors on the show are surely going to profit from some added exposure.

One such actor is the series’ lead, Lisa Ambalavanar who takes on the starring role of Mia in the teen thriller.

History of The A List

As mentioned, The A List started out in life as a BBC teen drama which released in October 2018.

Since then, however, the show has been bought up by Netflix who’ll be streaming the series on its platform as a Netflix original from August 30th, 2019.

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The series itself, meanwhile, tells the story of Mia as she arrives at an idyllic summer camp hoping to enjoy the summer of a lifetime but in fact her experience quickly becomes the holiday from hell.

Lisa Ambalavanar: A Profile

Lisa Ambalavanar takes on the starring role as Mia in the series and, given its fresh exposure on Netflix, it’s probably the biggest role in her brief career to date. 

Given that Lisa is an up-and-coming actress, hoping to keep some semblance of privacy in her life, few details can be discovered about the actress online.

As far as we can tell, Lisa doesn’t have any social media pages to her name, at least none that are active.

On top of that, her exact age is not revealed anywhere online, although on her Spotlight CV it does state that she can perform in acting roles for characters aged 18-25, so her age is presumably somewhere in that range. 

Lisa Ambalavanar’s previous roles

While her role in The A List is probably the biggest she’s had to date, Lisa has six acting credits to her name according to IMDb.

Her first role came in a single episode of the 2009 series Home Time where she played a shop assistant.

Since then, Lisa has taken up roles in the short films Coffee and Like Living as well as the 2015 film The Stuff of Legend.

Asides from The A List, Lisa’s most high-profile acting work to date has come in the BBC medical soap Doctors in which she has appeared in over 30 episodes.

What opportunities arise from her role in The A List remain to be seen but hopefully, we’ll see Lisa Ambalavanar in plenty more films and TV shows in the years to come.

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