A spin-off of the hit show is already locked in, but what else do we know?

Make no mistake, Locked Up is no Orange Is the New Black imitation… 

This is whats audiences feared when the Spanish series – originally titled Vis a vis or Face to face – arrived back in 2015. The show was produced by Globomedia and was originally for Antena then Fox Spain, but has since grown to reach more and more audiences elsewhere. 

It all began when Macarena Ferreiro (played by Maggie Civantos) fell blindly in love with her boss; this escalated and she was accused of tax crimes and locked up in Cruz del Sur Prison. Navigating the prison life and meeting the inmates proves to be predictably daunting. Coming to terms with the severity of it all, she’s forced to integrate and adapt, with dramatic consequences. Audiences also glimpse the drama developing outside of those high walls.

Locked Up turned out to be a hit and was renewed for a number of seasons over the last few years.  

Locked Up: Season 4

Over the course of the first three seasons, the series has escalated into something which TV enthusiasts would consider unmissable entertainment. 

Fans were treated to a fourth and final season back in December 2018; this featured a palatable eight episodes, rounding the entire series to a neat and tidy forty episode run. It premiered at the end of last year, with the eighth episode bringing it all to a stunning conclusion on Monday, February 4th 2019.

The response has been glowing across social media, although the talking point seems to stem from difficult access to the show. Admittedly, trying to binge through it has been faced with difficulty in some territories, but those who’ve seen it all are certainly the lucky ones. One Twitter user wrote: “#LockedUp…any season…any version @Netflix has…I’m hooked. Each episode is like peeling the onion to the sociology of the human race. Fascinating…and scary. I have fallen into the binge hole again.”

Hopefully season 4 becomes more readily available soon, but for now, there’s some pretty exciting news on a continuation.  

Vis a vis: El oasis

With season 4 gradually making its way to impressed audiences, more and more fans are beginning to look ahead in hopes that Locked Up has more to offer. 

Actually, it turns out it does. According to Wikipedia, another season is hurtling towards us as we speak. We know, we know – we said the fourth was the final one, and technically it is. On the other hand, we can expect to see a spin-off series – under the name of Vis a vis: El oasis – to arrive in 2020, although there is no specific release date available just yet.

The same source highlights that it will focus its lens on Macarena (Maggie Civantos) Zulema (played by Najwa Nimri) joining forces.


How many episodes?

According to IMDb, eight episodes – just like the previous two seasons – are on the way.

As mentioned, Maggie and Najwa will be reprising their roles, but the source also notes that we can expect Lucas Ferraro (Plan B, Brave Father John) to join the cast, along with Ana María Picchio (El marginal, My Lovely Hope). So, it seems the project is shaping up nicely.

Other than that, it’s pretty shrouded in mystery, but with the series fully in place, all that’s left to do is look forward to it and keep an ear to the ground for updates – we’ll be happy to do just that.

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