If you keep up to date with any YouTubers then it’s likely that you’ve come across PrettyBoyFredo. And it’s even more likely that you would have noticed the recent Free Fredo hashtag cropping up on Twitter.

The internet is blowing up with #FreeFredo as one of YouTube’s most popular stars has reportedly been arrested.

PrettyBoyFredo – real name Alfredo Villa – has not posted to any of his social media channels in days and as soon as #FreeFredo started circulating, many believed the trouble he ran into with the law back in January 2019 had finally caught up with him.

So, is this all just another one of PrettyBoyFredo’s pranks or is the YouTube star actually detained in police custody?

Fredo’s theme park naughtiness

In January 2019, Fredo and a few of his friends and collaborators broke into a popular Orlando theme park for a YouTube video they were planning on making. However, they never got that far.

Shortly after breaking in, security guards descended on Fredo and his friends. Despite attempts to disperse, Fredo was discovered by a security guard in a gift shop.

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Fredo is known for his prank videos and many people were sceptical about whether his arrest was real. Nonetheless, Fredo shared a video of himself at the police station with the caption “starting 2019 in handcuffs,” assuring his fans that this was definitely not a prank.

He later went on to address the arrest in a video, saying:

“I recently got in trouble for doing something extremely f***ing stupid and I currently have a case that I’m now going to have to face in the future.”

Fredo announced that his court date, for the charge ‘theft of service’ would be on February 7th, 2019.

 #FreeFredo hits Twitter

When Alfredo Villa was caught by security after breaking in, the friends he was with uploaded a video to his Twitter account with the caption: “He took the charge.”

This included his cameraman and fellow YouTuber Malikk. Malikk ended the video by saying “free Fredo.”

Since reports that Fredo had been charged with breaking into the theme park resurfaced, combined with the fact that he had been absent from social media for some time, the hashtag started to circulate yet again.

Whoever is running Fredo’s Instagram while he is absent – for whatever reasons – is reposting tonnes of stories with the “Free Fredo” hashtag.

Fredo’s previous police problems

The incident was not Fredo’s first run in with the Florida police, which might explain why his violation of the law in January was taken more seriously.

When Fredo was a sophomore at the University of Central Florida he was arrested with a friend for stealing video games from an electronics store.

However, the then 19-year-old was only in jail for six hours. The police dropped the charges as he had no prior record although they did place him on probation.

Was Fredo arrested for breaking into a theme park?

On Friday, August 30th Fredo shared an image of his arrest combined with a slip on his Instagram story.

It says charges filed were for “disrupting a school function.”

What went down at the school function and whether it has any relation to the theme park incident is still unclear. Either way, we’re all hoping that Fredo will be out and able to explain what’s happened ASAP!

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