Netflix has a new anime and fans are freaking out (and so are we) about how good its original songs are.

Despite its Japanese origins, anime has an impressive and growing audience in the Western world and that’s something Netflix are hoping to capitalise on in their latest release.

Carole and Tuesday, an anime musical which released in Japan in April 2019, has finally made its way onto the streaming giant and it’s safe to say that fans of the genre are a little bit excited about this new arrival.

As well as its compelling narrative, Carole and Tuesday has won a lot of plaudits for its soundtrack which features some truly brilliant songs but which of the show’s tunes are best?

What is Carole and Tuesday about?

Carole and Tuesday, tells the story of two girls from very different backgrounds who both share a burning passion for music.

The titular Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons unite in a musical pairing that has the power to re-shape history.

In doing so, they create some of the best songs ever heard in an anime, apart from possibly the Attack on Titan and Yu-Gi-Oh theme songs.

The best songs in Carole and Tuesday

Arguably the most impressive aspect of Carole and Tuesday is the care and attention that has gone into creating songs for the show. 

The standard is easily as good as the majority of pop songs out there currently.

Speaking of which…

5. Kiss Me

Up first in this list is Kiss Me. The song is the most listened to on Spotify but is our least favourite of the songs on the streaming service as it’s a fairly generic pop number.

4. Someday I’ll Find My Way Home

Next up we have Someday I’ll Find My Way Home which sounds as if it’s been pulled straight out of a Hollywood rom-com and sounds like it’d be perfect played over a romantic montage.

3. Hold Me Now

The early notes of Hold Me Now are like a blend of George Harrison’s Gone Troppo and The Buggles’ Video Killed the Radio Star, with the latter being far more prominent throughout the song in an 80s inspired pop song.

2. Round & Laundry 

If you ever wanted to listen to Taylor Swift’s early music without actually listening to Taylor Swift, this could be just what you’re looking for. Round & Laundry provides a brilliant blend of country and pop music with some dulcet vocals to make it a thoroughly satisfying listen. 

1. The Loneliest Girl

And the best song in Carole and Tuesday for us is, of course, The Loneliest Girl. If ever a show needed a power ballard full of emotional punch then this proves to be just the ticket.

Fan reaction to Carole and Tuesday on Netflix

Since it released in Japan back in April, die-hard anime fans have been waiting patiently for Carole and Tuesday to make its way onto an easily accessible platform.

Now, thanks to Netflix, anime fans have their wish as Carole and Tuesday dropped on Netflix on August 30th, 2019.

In response to this joyous news, fans of the series, excited to see what was in store, quickly took to social media.

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