Fans plead Netflix for a Rust Valley Restorers season 2 - could it happen?

Rust Valley Restorers

Gearheads rejoice! Netflix has wheeled out one of 2019's most unexpected TV highlights.

Wow, Rasta Blasta sure knows how to get results. 

If you're thinking "hmm, what a bizarre nickname", then clearly you're yet to familiarise yourself with Mike Hall, star of the exciting new documentary series Rust Valley Restorers

As Netflix continues to step up its game and deliver a persistent stream of quality content, we're arguably becoming pickier. With so much choice on the platform, we expect we should be able to find something perfectly suited to our own personal tastes. There's a show out there for everyone, and if you're into cars, then this may just be the one for you this year. 

Further capitalising on the masses' current love for documentaries, they have delivered one which feels educational but still very relaxed. It's like hanging out with a bunch of new friends; you can just sit back and watch the results, and boy, there really are some results. 

Rust Valley Restorers

Rust Valley Restorers: Season 2

An eight-part first season already has fans revving their engines for more. 

Unfortunately, no news of a season renewal has surfaced as of yet, but that hasn't stopped fans taking to social media to express their wishes for one. 

Maybe that's the biggest problem with TV; you spend hours and hours with these characters, you get to know them and enjoy their company, then all of a sudden you start to miss them a little once the series has come to an end. We're pretty optimistic - if the streaming service can pull something like a Breaking Bad movie out of the bag - fingers crossed it's a success - then more Rust Valley Restorers shouldn't be too much of a stretch. 

Just point the camera on Mike and the crew again and we'll be happy to watch the footage basically!

Fans on Twitter want more!

In wake of the series' arrival on Netflix, Twitter has seen many voice their opinions on the show. 

As expected, not all of the comments are in favour of more, with one user writing: "Did we really need another generic gas guzzler halfass restoration show? #rustvalleyrestorers". Nevertheless, most who've spoken about it say that they loved it. 

Another wrote: "6 episodes in two nights.. I'm hooked #rustvalleyrestorers ." There are a number of responses to the restoration show - see some more below:

"Where can I get a #rustvalleyrestorers hoodie or something. My dad and I binged the season together, he loves it + would love to get him a hoodie or shirt for xmas."

"Just finished watching this series and boy oh boy did I enjoy it! The team had me laughing along with them, what a great group of people... I really hope there's a s2!!"

"@netflix I can't stop watching #rustvalleyrestorers and it's all your fault. season 2 please & thanks."

"@netflix thank you for #rustvalleyrestorers ! Best car restoration show I’ve watched. Good surprise!"

Netflix wheels out a hit

Perhaps they weren't expecting to draw in such a widespread audience, but they have.

Arguably the key to the show's success so far is its broad appeal; you don't have to be a car enthusiast to find something to love here, but of course, it certainly helps. The central trio of Mike, his son Connor and best bud Avery Shoaf is a dream team for a vehicle like this, supplying it with a compelling dynamic.

Across them, you have knowledge, passion, ambition but also flaws, which lends the episodes some drama to fuel the fire. Although we have no news on a season renewal, we think it's pretty likely - especially given the positive reaction - that Rust Valley Restorers could come speeding back onto screens in the near future.

In other news, who plays Billy Grade in Peaky Blinders?

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