Bloober Team confirms how long to beat the Blair Witch video game

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Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team has confirmed how long it'll take players to complete their Blair Witch video game.

Bloober Team's Blair Witch video game arrives tomorrow, and there's more of a curiosity surrounding it rather than uncontrollable excitement. This is largely because the movie it's affiliated with is infamous for being ungodly boring (despite some people miraculously finding it scary), as well as because some admirers wish to know how long it'll take to beat before committing to a purchase.

Video game lengths are a complicated equation nowadays thanks to so many gamers demanding ridiculous durations, while others beg for something that can actually be completed without abandoning any semblance of a social life.

The Blair Witch's length will therefore be a downer for those who invest in nothing but sprawling epics, whereas it'll be fantastic news for those who want something that can be completed over a weekend.

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How long to beat the Blair Witch video game?

As mentioned above, video game lengths can be a make-or-break deal depending on your beliefs.

Some people only want to play epics that last over 30-hours, meanwhile others only want to get invested in stories they know they'll see through to the end.

This means the Blair Witch's reported length is good news for the latter rather than the former.

Speaking to VentureBeat, the writer responsible for the Blair Witch video game's creepy circumstances, Barbara Kciuk, shared how long it will approximately take people to escape the haunted woods.

"It depends on how you play," said Kcuik. "The forest is an open space, so you have many ways to explore it. You can go straight through the plot or allow yourself to get sidetracked. It should take around six hours, but it depends on how you play through it."

Truth to be told, this length isn't all that surprising as Layers Of Fear 2 only took five-and-a-half hours for most people to complete.

Plus, the Blair Witch's first ever video game was never going to be astronomically long when its price is only £24.99.

The Blair Witch Game

Should you buy the Blair Witch video game?

It's difficult to recommend the Blair Witch video game without any reviews having been released as of writing.

Layers Of Fear 2 was one of the most painfully boring games of the year so far, so Bloober Team plus Blair Witch just reads like a recipe for those affected by insomnia.

There's some form of combat in the game and the implementation of a pettable dog is always welcome despite its destiny to die, but only those who enjoyed Layers of Fear will likely get a kick out of the Blair Witch.

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This is because Bloober Team isn't straying away from what they believe to be the principles of good psychological horror.

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