Netflix have had a lot of success with their original films of late, can Falling Inn Love follow suit?

Despite the seemingly endless possibilities, Netflix’s original films always seem to return to one genre in particular, the much-loved and ever-popular rom-com.

Well, August 29th sees another such film make its way into the Netflix rankings in the form of Falling Inn Love.

The charming rom-com sees a San Francisco native make the surprise journey halfway across the world as she becomes the proud proprietor of her very own inn.

But just where does Falling Inn Love take place and where was the Netflix original filmed?

What is Falling Inn Love about?

Falling Inn Love tells the story of Gabriela, a San Francisco resident who is tiring of her life in the States and want a new start.

In a moment of mad inspiration, she enters a win-an-inn competition and becomes the proud owner of her very own inn.

The trouble is, the inn itself is falling apart and is location on the other side of the world in the home of The Lord of the Rings films, New Zealand.

Who’s in Falling Inn Love?

Being the low-budget rom-com that it is, Falling Inn Love doesn’t boast the biggest of casts.

However, the main players in the film are ideal for a film of this size and scope.

In the lead role as Gabriela is Christina Millian who boasts roles in the likes of Family Guy, East Los High and American Pie.

Joining her as the film’s love interest Jake Taylor is Adam Demos whose biggest acting roles include appearances in the TV series Janet King and UnREAL.

The pair will both be hoping that exposure on Netflix can lead to more high-profile roles in the coming years.

Where was Falling Inn Love filmed?

With it being set in the stunning country of New Zealand, it would have been silly not to shoot the film in the country famed for its portrayal in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

While Falling Inn Love doesn’t quite show off the same grandeur in New Zealand’s landscape, it was definitely filmed there.

Shooting for the film took place in February 2019 meaning that the film has had just a six-month turnaround since it filmed until its release on August 29th.

Falling Inn Love dropped on Netflix on August 29th and is available to stream now.

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