A$AP Rocky’s latest track, Babushka Boi, dropped to YouTube on August 28th and is already making waves across the music scene thanks to it’s hard-hitting video and subliminal lyrics.

Babushka Boi could prove a significant hit in the career of A$AP Rocky for several reasons. 

On the not-so-important scale, the 30-year-old rapper felt it was the perfect time to confess he was fully vegan, rapping “I ain’t duck sauce since I became a vegan” and consequently sparking vegan websites across the country into celebrity-plug overdrive. Cheers for letting us know, Rakim.

However, the hard-hitting and almost UK grime-sounding beat is also Rocky’s first song since he was released (August 3rd) from a Swedish jail for assault charges.

A slick video places Rocky in a Dick Tracy-inspired mob escaping the grasp of pig-nosed cops and has fan speculating that the video was in retaliation to one-month retainment.

Mix in the hook “I would like to dedicate this to the scar on my face” and Babushka Boi presents us with a lot of questions that need answering…

Was is the Babushka Boi video about?

The video is clearly inspired by 1930’s comic strip Dick Tracy, where Rocky and his friends take on the role as bank robbers and go on the run from a group of piggish police officers.

Rocky’s mob hold up a bank – looking dressed to fit Joker in the opening Batman: Dark Knight scene – and continue to make the cops look mindlessly ignorant before putting them to the chop in a final shootout, where Rocky and co slaughter the pigs into sausages.

Fans have been quick to jump on the video and compare it to Rocky’s recent run in with the law, where he received support from the likes of Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump as a drawn-out hearing eventually ended with a fine.

However, the video, directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, was developed long before Rocky’s spat in Sweden and shares no ties. In terms of marketing, though, it has hit the shelves at the perfect time.

Who is A$AP Rocky’s mob?

The gangster entourage includes A$AP Ferg and ScHoolboy Q as members of the Dick Tracy gang.

The meaning of Babushka Boi

If you’ve glanced at the comments on YouTube, you’ll notice that a large volume of the responses are in Russian.

The video explores the double meaning of Babushka, which does more than just effortlessly role off the tongue with style and punch.

Clips show Rocky sporting trifold scarves across his head while also sitting on an old woman’s lap. There are also various shots of elderly Russian women, all wearing headscarves, in aid of Rocky during his crimes.

Babushka means an old woman/grandmother and is also the name of the traditional headscarf tied from chin to head.

A$AP Rocky has been spotted donning the headpiece for over 12 months now, although there is reason behind his fashion choice that goes way beyond coincidence.

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“I would like to dedicate this to the scar on my face”

Rocky raps about the “scar on his face” during the Babushka Boi hook, with the chorus saying:

I would like to dedicate this

To the scar on my face

All the stars of the globe

The world is yours, Scarface

The 30-year-old told GQ Magazine that he was involved in a scooter accident around September 2018 and started to tie a scarf around his face to hide the scar.

A$AP said: 

“It (the scarf) was inspired by a situation I had where my face got cut, and I started walking around with a Babushka to cover it. It was about last September (2018). It started with a yellow one when I was on Trevor Noah’s show. I actually did a Vogue shoot the day after I got my face slashed.”

From there, the rapper fell in love with the headpiece and has coincidentally kick-started a Russian fashion movement that no-one could have anticipated while also leading fans to speculate about hidden meanings within his Babushka Boi lyrics and video.