The TV landscape recently has been a very good place indeed.

If you want a show that has a bit of everything, The Good Place is a welcome compromise. 

The fantasy comedy series is arguably one of the quirkiest series available on Netflix right now and has built quite the admirable reputation since it premiered back in 2016. It was created by Michael Schur and centres upon Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell, Bad Moms) who is ushered into “The Good Place”, which is essentially the creator’s oddball take on Heaven. However, her admittance was actually a mistake, which she covers up in attempts to be a better person. 

It’s really great fun, boasting excellent performances from Ted Danson (who plays Michael), Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil and beyond. There’s nothing quite like it at the moment, and since it arrived critics and audiences have been keen to praise the performances, writing and imagination at its core. 

The third season is available on Netflix now to binge along with the other two. 

The Good Place on Netflix: The Doorman

As more and more fans flock to binge through the series on the streaming service, we’re shining a necessary spotlight on the incredible cast which makes The Good Place a great place to visit with every episode. 

A peripheral fan-favourite is undoubtedly the Doorman, the frog fanatic who acts as the gatekeeper between Earth and afterlife. Although not one of the key players, he’s become such a welcome presence when he shows up, and understandably, he’s also very, very familiar. 

The character is played by the talented Mike O’Malley, a 52-year-old actor born in Boston, Massachusetts. He’s actually due to star as Roche in the hotly anticipated series Snowpiercer; the 2013 Bong Joon-ho film of the same name has become a significant cult treasure since its release. He’s also set to appear as Brick Deever in 3 Days with Dad, but if you’re interested in checking out some of his previous roles, there are lots to choose from…

Mike O’Malley during the Press Sneak Peak for the Jimmy Buffett Broadway Musical ‘Escape to Margaritaville’ on February 14, 2018 at the Marquis Theatre in New York City.

Mike O’Malley: Movies and TV

Allow us to be your unofficial Doorman, pushing open the gates to Mike’s body of work. 

Most recently, he played Principal Cole in the 2019 series Wayne, but the last film he starred in was certainly a big one. The actor played Charles Porter in the Clint Eastwood-directed Sully, which saw Tom Hanks (Toy Story 4) portray American pilot Chesley Sullenberger; the biographical drama was praised by audiences and critics alike. 

He’s stacked up some impressive cinematic credentials, with parts in the likes of 2015’s Concussion (he played Daniel Sullivan), A Good Marriage (Bill Gaines), R.I.P.D (Elliot), Behind the Candelabra (Tracy Schnelker), Eat Pray Love (Andy Shiraz), Meet Dave (Knox), Deep Impact (Mike Perry) and more. 

As for TV, Mike also boasts some solid work; he was pretty great as Officer Stuart Daniels in the cult-comedy show My Name Is Earl and has been in Parenthood (Jim Kazinsky), Parks and Recreation (Bill Butler), Raising Hope (Jim), BoJack Horseman (Artie) and even Glee (Burt Hummel) which is surely his most renowned role. 

The Good Place: Season 4

Although we’re excited to see him in Snowpiercer, we’re just that little bit more excited to see him return in The Good Place. 

According to Wikipedia, the hit series will be back for a fourth and final season; news of the renewal came back in December 2018, a month before the third had finished airing on NBC. The new episodes are due to kickstart on Thursday, September 26th 2019. 

Hopefully, once the series has finally concluded, the fourth season will land on Netflix to make for some enjoyable binging. For now, be sure to dig into some more work from Mike!

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