We imagine Netflix’s Love Alarm is ringing constantly since the series dropped.

“In a world where you can’t hide your heart… in a world where you can’t hide your loneliness…”

Netflix has invited audiences to experience some very different worlds over the years. We’ve been immersed in the tensions and friendships of a female prison in Orange Is the New Black, the men who attempt to interpret the madness in Mindhunter and beyond. 

Like cinema, TV allows us to witness something different, and the streaming service has had surefire luck in the sci-fi genre this year. Sadly, the ambitious 2019 series Another Life proved to be a little underwhelming for majority audiences, but what that lacked, Stranger Things season 3 more than made up for. It was generally considered the best season yet pretty much instantly, and fortunately, we’ve been happy to stream another sci-fi tinged series with a twist: Love Alarm. 

Love Alarm ending

“This is what people did before Love Alarm came out.”

The exciting new series premiered on Netflix on Thursday, August 22nd 2019, offering audiences a palatable eight episodes to binge through. Those who did just that were left stunned that the show would end on such a frustrating cliffhanger. 

Often, rom-com series in the same vein as this like to wrap things up with a beautiful bow, but we’re gonna have to wait for some closure this time around, or rather,  Jojo’s all-important decision. In a world where we are able to see who around us likes us, love becomes surprisingly even more complicated. The love triangle between Hye-young, Sun-oh and Jojo takes some interesting turns, but in the end, we’re swept up in the credits as we’re about to find out who she chooses to be with. They’re all standing there, waiting, but nope, that’s it.

“WHAT!?” seems to be the most common reaction to episode eight’s – ‘One Is Bigger Than Any Other Number in the World’- final moments, but we’ll just have to wait for more news about a potential second season.


How could you do this Netflix?

We’ve seen some solid cliffhangers, but this one seriously leaves you desperate for just one more moment with the characters. 

There’s a lot going on in the end. Although millions have taken to using the app, it has also become the subject of great controversy, with the final act of the last episode showing crowds protesting in the streets. Inside, away from the chants, we see developer Brian Chon unveil the new and updated Love Alarm 2.0; just as he’s about to activate the feature which reveals who you’ll fall for, we’re left in those suspenseful moments with the main characters in the corridor. 

Of course, the burning question is who Jojo ends up with, but we’re also interested to see how much further the app is able to transform the face of modern love, for better or worse. This is a world which still demands to be explored, with pressing questions reminiscent of our own social media offering the perfect backdrop to twisting and turning romance. Fans are hopeful for more episodes, but also a little worried. 


Is Love Alarm season 2 on the cards?

If a second season of Love Alarm appeared on Tinder, we imagine everybody would swipe right instantly. 

It’s a pretty clever way to end the first season because it helps guarantee demand for the narrative to continue, and so far the response has been, quite simply, “we need more… now!”

Director Lee Na-jeong spoke with Hype about the potential for a series continuation: “If Season 1 is well-received, we’ll produce Season 2. So, Season 2 really depends on how well Season 1 does…” This certainly gives us hope, as our impression is that it’s gone down a treat, but we’ve seen much-loved shows cancelled by Netflix before. 

If it does end like this, then there’s pretty much no way we can even attempt to confirm who Jojo chooses; her relationships with both Hye-young and Sun-oh are so well explored that there’s no real reason to suggest one high above the other. If we’re getting personal, then maybe Sun-oh has the upper hand, but who knows. We’ll just have to be patient. 

In other news, who is Mobeen Azhar?