Love Alarm season 2: Fans are already desperate for a second instalment!

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You're not gonna leave us hanging like that, are you Netflix?

What's your poison?

Game of Thrones? Orange Is the New Black? Mindhunter? Stranger Things? No matter what your favourite may be, there's always time to broaden your viewing and find a new one. 

As you may have already registered, all of these aforementioned shows are available on Netflix, and really, the streaming service has become invaluable in 2019. With such hits as Stranger Things soaring back to screens and so much more, we'd be a bit lost without it... or you know, just a bit bored. 

As they continue to step up their game, we're seeing great content added pretty much on the daily. One of the latest to grab our attention has been Love Alarm, which arrived on Thursday, August 22nd 2019. 

Love Alarm Netflix

Love Alarm: Renewed for season 2?

Unfortunately, there has been no news on season 2 yet. 

The first season delivered audiences a highly enjoyable eight episodes. Increasingly, we're seeing shows renewed before they even air. However, there's no denying that the TV market is incredibly saturated right now, so it's always wiser to see how viewers react and how the show fares before getting ahead with more episodes. 

It's actually based on a webtoon of the same name by 48-year-old cartoonist Chon Kye-young. There's definitely more avenues which could be explored courtesy of the quirky, sci-fi-tinged romance narrative. So, perhaps it's best to take to social media and see if fans are open to more episodes...

 Audiences want one now!

On Twitter, audiences have been posting about the show and sharing their thoughts. 

Sometimes a second season will be unwarranted, and then other times - very, very frustrating times - another season appears imperative and the show's cancelled, just like that, gone. In this instance, it looks like a lot of people are really happy with the results and keen for more. Here are some reactions from Twitter users:

"I’m not satisfied with this, pls quickly give us ss2. I’ll go crazy if I don’t see them ends up tgt."

"I swear to gosh if they leave Love Alarm with that ending and we dont get a second season AHHHHH. JOJO NEEDS TO END UP WITH SUN OH but I also want my boy hye-yeong TO BE HAPPY TOO!!"

" #LoveAlarmNetflix better come back soon... I NEED ANSWERS"

" I thought it was gonna be a light and fluffy drama filled with clichés but boy was I wrong. I mean, I might just go crazy waiting for the remaining episodes. I don't really understand her decisions. I can't predict much. What's going on? I Need MORE!"


The cast of Love Alarm: Previous roles

Social media is full of people demanding a second season, so fingers crossed the public get what they want. For now, let's take a look at what else the central cast has been in. 

Jojo actress Kim So-hyun played Song Geu-rim in the 2018 TV series Radio Romance; other notable roles include Han Ga-eun in The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, Kim Sun in Goblin, Kim Hyeon-ji in Bring It On, Ghost and Soo-Ok in Unforgettable

Lee Hye-yeong is played by Jung Ga-ram, who is known for The Poet and The Boy (he played The Boy), Believer and The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale (Jjong-Bi). 

Hearthrob Hwang Sun-oh is portrayed by Song Kang, who despite being rather unfamiliar, we predict has big things ahead. 

In other news, what is the Normani Challenge?

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