The series feels like something we haven’t seen for quite some time.

“I live in a shack in the woods and if that wasn’t bad enough I’m going bald n’ all”.

From the moment potential audiences saw that trailer, they knew that Brassic was going to be worth a watch. We live in the golden age of television, and most of the time, the reason behind such claims is purely because of prestige dramas. 

The biggest hit of late has been HBO’s five-part mini-series Chernobyl. It’s expertly crafted, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s not exactly easy or fun viewing; not that it’s supposed to be. Then there’s grand, expensive productions like Game of Thrones, and other notable projects like True Detective

There’s so much great stuff out there, but something’s missing. These all have their merits, but when it comes to shows like This is England and Shameless, some TV fans have felt a bit of a gap. Luckily, Brassic is here to fill it. 

Brassic on Sky One

This exciting new series centres upon Vinnie (Joe Gilgun) and his mates in the northern town of Hawley. His life isn’t exactly one of luxury, and we chronicle him as he scrapes by courtesy of crime to keep his head afloat as a working-class hopeful reaching a pivotal point in life.

It’s a tale of friendship, contemplation and hope, boasting characters which promise nothing less than complete authenticity. Brassic was created by Joe along with Danny Brocklehurst who has worked on such projects as The Street, Linda Green, Accused, Ordinary Lies, Safe, Shameless and more; viewers have been quick to draw parallels between this and the latter. 

The six-part series began airing on Sky One on Thursday, August 22nd 2019. It’s gone down really well so far, with fans of Joe’s thrilled to have him back on screens.  

Brassic star and co-creator Joe Gilgun

The 35-year-old actor has quite the following, part in thanks to scoring the role of a lifetime back in 2006. 

If you were to ask most what the best film of that year was, the chances are the majority would say Shane Meadows’ masterpiece – or one of, even – This Is England. Often it’s the performances of Thomas Turgoose (Shaun) and Stephen Graham (Combo) which receive the most praise. However, it cannot be understated just how incredible every single performer is in that film. 

Another fan-favourite character, especially once the TV series arrived, was Woody, played by Joe Gilgun. It’s arguably his best performance, and we’ve been happy to see him reprise the character a few times now. 

He’s been in a lot though, with a range of notable projects including Preacher (he played Cassidy), Misfits (Rudy Wade), 2014’s Pride (Mike), The Infiltrator (Dominic), Harry Brown (Kenny) and we can’t forget, he also played Eli Dingle in popular soap Emmerdale

More This Is England?

If you’re enjoying him in Brassic, you’ll likely be thinking “hmm, I wonder if he’ll do This Is England again?”

We’re so glad he’s created and dived into the world of Vinnie, and yes, he does feel reminiscent of the sort of characters which populated the world of Shane’s cult hit. 

At the moment, it would perhaps be wiser to predict another season of Brassic, as there hasn’t really been any concrete news on a This Is England return. The last season – This Is England 90 – arrived back in 2015, and while cast members like Thomas Turgoose have expressed they’d be interested in a continuation, there’s nothing that would encourage getting our hopes up. 

For now, enjoy his latest!

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