It’s been a big year for TV so far, but David Makes Man is definitely worth seeking out.

Created by Tarell Alvin McCraney, yep, you have us, we’re sold. 

If the name isn’t familiar, we’re certain his work will be. What would you say is the most memorable moment in the history of the Academy Awards? There have been some big ones, but nothing comes close to the La La Land mishap. 

Damien Chazelle’s glorious musical won Best Picture at the 89th Academy Awards back in 2017, or at least it did for a few minutes until it was revealed that the wrong film was read out by mistake. It was a shocking moment, but the majority of films fans argued that it was still the right film which won in the end. The award instead went to Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight

Seen it? Well, whether you have or you haven’t, it’s simply incredible. A great deal of talent went into making the coming-of-age drama the truly special slice of cinema that it is, and one of those figures was Tarell who co-wrote the script. Now, he gives us David Makes Man…

(L-R) Michael B. Jordan, Tarell Alvin McCraney, Oprah Winfrey and Akili McDowell attend the premiere of OWN’s “David Makes Man” at NeueHouse Hollywood on August 06, 2019 in Los Angeles,…

David Makes Man

This compelling coming-of-age drama series is assuredly preoccupied with some of the imperative themes explored in Moonlight, and centres upon an exceptionally bright 14-year-old named David, who is tragically affected by the death of a friend. 

We chronicle his complex relationship with his mother in the family’s attempts to seek out a better life while providing insight on their surrounds in the projects. It first premiered on Wednesday, August 14th 2019 on OWN and has since attracted praise and consideration from many. There are seven episodes in total, with the last  – ‘Son of Man’  – set to air on Wednesday, September 5th 2019. 

It was executive-produced by Oprah Winfrey, and honestly, the cast is phenomenal, boasting top performances from Phylicia Rashadn (Creed), Nathaniel Logan McIntyre (Barry) and more. However, we’re here to spotlight David actor Akili McDowell.

Akili McDowell: Previous roles

The 16-year-old plays protagonist David and has attracted some significant attention for his astoundingly authoritative performance. 

According to IMDb, he began acting at the age of nine years old. He landed his first role in a short called It’s Not About Me in 2013, but two years later the roles really began to come in. Akili played Zavier Gibbs in the 2015 TV series The Astronaut Wives Club, later going on to play a Young Isaac in Criminal Activities that year, which starred the likes of John Travolta (Pulp Fiction), Dan Stevens (The Guest), Michael Pitt (Funny Games) and more. 

Fast forward to 2018 and he portrayed Young George Washington Carver in the series Chase the Lion, with his next role proving to be his most substantial – that of David in David Makes Man. 


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There’s still more episodes of David Makes Man to explore, but already, Akili has some other roles lined up. He’s due to work again on a mysterious TV series with Tarell again – according to IMDb – which could be linked with the aforementioned show.  Then there’s a short called The Halloween Club, in which he’ll play Son and that’s in post-production at the moment. 

Then, we have Athan & Sarah, which sees Akili play Athan in a tale of two characters who find comfort in the other’s music. 

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