Atlus’ newest trailer for Persona 5 The Royal introduces the unique Student Counsellor Confidant, Takuto Maruki.

Japanese developer Atlus has made good on their promise to release a new Persona 5 Royal trailer by introducing the game’s Student Counsellor Confidant, Takuto Maruki.

The trailer shows him interacting with the MC, Ann and Ryuji during and after school, as well as being overwhelmed by some of the adoration the Shujin Academy students have for him.

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Original story:

As if there weren’t enough of them already, Atlus has just announced that there will be another Persona 5 Royal trailer very soon. That’s right, expect to see more Japanese content that will worsen your rash as you for the itch for the western release even more.

Persona 5 Royal has been given a spring 2020 release window for the west following its Halloween 2019 release date in Japan, and there’s a lot of extra content that makes it a must playthrough.

That is, if you can afford the time…

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Atlus announces new Persona 5 Royal trailer

Over on their official PR Twitter account, Atlus has just announced that another trailer for Persona 5 Royal will soon debut.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to keep up with all the footage the Japanese developer has shared to entice people to relive the life of a Phantom Thief.

There’s been Morgana reports, full-on gameplay trailers and character introductions, and it’s another of the latter that will arrive tomorrow.

No, you didn’t read misread that, a new Persona 5 Royal character introduction trailer is scheduled to debut tomorrow on August 23 at 18:00 JST.

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What to expect from the new Persona 5 Royal trailer

The new Persona 5 Royal trailer will introduce the Confidant Takuto Maruki.

This is a unique character to the Royal expansion, and he is said to be a part-time Counsellor at Shujin Academy.

Due to being someone who is a decent bloke compared to the humpty dumpty principal and perverted gym teacher, Maruki is someone the Shujin students enjoy being around.

He’s a good listener who gives appropriate advice, and his sessions with the likes of Ann and Ryuji will unearth new secrets about your Phantom Thieves family members.

Not only that, but it’s believed his role as a Confidant will introduce additional Mementos requests.

Other character introduction trailers for Persona 5 Royal include stylish combo attacks and new Personas for the likes of Ann and Ryuji.

As for other unique characters the soft remake will include, there’s the gymnast Kasumi Yoshizawa, as well as a silver-haired boy who roams the labyrinth of Mementos in a buggy.