YouTube and TikTok star Cody Orlove was recently reported missing but has since been found.

*UPDATE: He has been found*

The online world was left shocked as it learned that 18-year-old YouTube and TikTok star Cody Orlove was reported missing.

Cody Orlove, who has only just turned 18, was supposedly last seen on Sunday, August 18th and was reported missing by his ex-girlfriend Zoe Laverne on August 19th.

Naturally, fans of the young YouTuber took to social media to offer sympathy to Cody’s family and friends but have been speculating about the reason for Cody’s disappearance. Now, we know.

Who is Cody Orlove?

Cody Orlove is a YouTube and TikTok influencer with an impressive and growing following. On his YouTube channel, Cody has amassed a sizeable following of just over 500,000 subscribers and averages several hundred thousand views per video.

More impressively still, Cody’s Instagram page has earned itself a colossal 1.3 million followers.

Cody’s video content is typical of most YouTube channels as it features challenge videos, pranks and general comedic content.

When and how was he reported missing?

We understand that Cody was reported missing on Monday, August 19th. 

The young YouTuber turned 18 on Saturday, August 17th and his EP My Reality released the following day. 

Cody’s ex-girlfriend, Zoe Laverne, broke the news that Cody was missing on an Instagram live stream, a claim that we believe was later backed up by Cody’s sister.

Fortunately, he has since taken to social media to clarify that he’s okay!

Instagram post reveals all

Thankfully, after friends, family and fans began to worry considerably, Cody posted on his Instagram story “I’m home, I’m okay.”

After that, he posted a more detailed message explaining what happened: “Imagine working every day for 2 years straight, not one day resting. Live 4-6 hours a day, tour, YouTube videos every day, Instagram posts every day… it’s exhausting and it made me feel drained. My mentality was always to work. Day after day I told myself I could barely do this anymore, but I kept going. Eventually, I just needed a break.”

He also added: “There is more reasons to why I left, but too personal for me to be put on social media… I took a break, was meant to be for 5 days with no phone, no friends, no family, just alone and got the chance to like a ‘kid’… when I redownloaded all the apps, I saw how everyone knew, and was reacting towards it. So, I ended my own break to let everyone know I was okay.”

In apology at the end, he said: “Just know I’m sorry if I caused you to hurt, and to be sad. Have a positive mindset. It’s over now.”

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