The beloved show has taken some huge risks, but have they paid off?

One of the best suited and booted characters since Twin Peaks‘ Dale Cooper is back on Netflix with a new season, but things are a little different this time around. 

Glancing over what the streaming service has to offer in the realm of animated content, there’s really not much cause for complaint. One of the platform’s best and most unexpected breakouts of recent years has been the hilarious coming-of-age comedy Big Mouth

Then there’s the gleefully offensive Paradise PD, which thankfully, has been renewed for a second season; we look forward to that one. They also delivered F For Family, which continues in the tradition of shows like Family Guy and King of the Hill, while remaining far more grounded but funny all the same. A credit to the service is also Archer, which despite being an FX show, has found many fans on Netflix since it was added way back when. 

Archer 1999 on Netflix

To say that Archer season 10 underwent a makeover would perhaps be underselling it. 

In a league of its own, the latest season was rebranded as Archer 1999, and if you couldn’t tell things were different from the title, it’s also set in space. So, the series has beaten Robert Rodriguez’s Machete franchise to the chase it seems. 

Although a lot has changed with the current crop of episodes, the voice cast is back and having as much fun as possible, playing fun little riffs on their recurring characters. Here, Archer takes on the imagined persona of a captain overly fond of his alcohol, aboard the spacefaring M/V Seamus salvage ship.

It sets the scene for the most curious and daring season since the first because it’s an unmistakeably new direction. Nevertheless, it comes crashing down to earth in the end…

Archer season 10 ending

The ninth and final episode titled ‘Robert De Niro’ sees the titular hero staring down guns aboard the ship, and with events escalating, we witness a whirlwind montage of escapades, humorously highlighting just how many times Archer has been shot. Bombarded with images, it almost feels like we’re celebrating the show in general, and then it happens. 

Archer wakes up. With the character opening his eyes to find his mother at his hospital bedside, it’s revealed that he’s been in a coma for three years. It’s a huge moment, and suddenly, we cast our minds back to season 7, as if thrown right back to reality. 

The space-themed episodes were all apart of a comatose fantasy and as bizarre and entertaining as they were, we’re back to the main narrative thread now and ready to wrap up some loose ends from three seasons ago. He entered the coma at the end of season 7 after being shot in Veronica Deane’s pool, and considering we’ve been on so many adventures since then, we’re pretty sure that Archer – the show, and indeed, the man – refuses to abide by any rules. Just how we like it. 

What does this mean for Archer season 11?

He’s escaped the dream world, but does that mean it’s the end of the road?

Honestly, it means anything but. With a season taking us to the vast reaches of space with Archer’s trademark humour and wit still intact, our only thought extends to where it could possibly take us next. 

According to Wikipedia, an eleventh season was given the go-ahead on Friday, July 19th 2019. So, there’s definitely much more in store for fans. He may be out of the coma, but now that the creators have tried something wildly different with favourable results, there’s no reason they can’t deviate from the beaten path and explore new territory again. 

After Archer 1999, anything can happen. 

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