Everything you must know about the Emilia Clarke lookalike actress in the newest PS4 exclusive Erica, Holly Earl.

The first day of Gamescom 2019 has just happened, and immediately the event has been home to some fantastic announcements. In addition to the exciting reveal of Little Nightmares 2 and a fascinating look at Predator: Hunting Grounds, one of the most shocking and welcomed surprises at the opening night was the reveal of a new PlayStation 4 exclusive named Erica. Its casting is nowhere as Tarantino-esque as Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, but it does boast a semi-famous actress you’ll probably recognise from a boatload of different TV shows and films. And no, it’s not Emilia Clarke, it’s Holly Earl instead.

While Gamescom 2019’s first night didn’t bring about the Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Remake announcement fans are anticipating, it was still an eventful and memorable occasion for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and gamers in general.

You can argue about what the most exciting unveiling was from Need For Speed Heat to Kerbal Space Program 2, but the most shocking was Sony’s newest PS4 exclusive Erica. Not only because of its out-of-nowhere reveal, but also because it’s playable right now!

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What is Erica PS4?

Erica is a new PS4 exclusive that Sony loyalists can enjoy as soon as possible. It was announced at Gamescom 2019 with a reveal trailer and 19-minutes of footage, and it’s a unique live-action title that makes Square Enix’s Quiet Man look even worse.

Developed by Flavourworks with “a haunting score by acclaimed composer Austin Wintory (Journey),” Erica is a live-action cinematic experience comparable to the likes of Until Dawn and Heavy Rain.

Although it doesn’t feature nearly as much gameplay as the two aforementioned interactive video games, it’s still a cinematic experience in which you pen the narrative by making tough decisions.

Using either the touchpad on your DualShock 4 controller or the touchscreen on your mobile phone, you get to decide how Erica responds to certain dialogue scenarios and events. And yes, you only have a limited time to respond to every conversation and action.

In addition to making choices that will dramatically shape Erica‘s narrative, there are also unique ways to interact with the game’s world. From carefully placing a record player’s needle onto a vinyl to being a peeping tom who spies on people through doors, Erica is said to boast a plethora of unique and entirely optional interactions that add replayability.

As for the story, the game puts you in the shoes of a young lass who is trying to solve a life-long murder mystery that somehow connects to her family’s history.

Through tense, unique and unpredictable interactions with a cast of old family friends and new acquaintances, it’s your job to separate the truth from the lies to decipher who done it.

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Who is the actress in Erica PS4? Films and TV shows you’ll recognise Holly Earl from

When first seeing the trailer for Erica, you might have blown a load in your trousers thinking it was a PS4 exclusive starring Emilia Clarke.

Alas, the game’s leading actress isn’t the mother of dragons who was sullied in Game Of Thrones season 8, but rather Holly Earl.

While that name might make you think who at first, she does have a slew of impressive credits to her CV.

She’s an English actress who was born in London back in 1992, and the biggest films she’s had roles in are the Oscar nominated Loving Vincent, as well as Queen Of The Desert starring Nicole Kidman.

As for television, fans of Humans will recognise her as Agnes, and Doctor Who nerds might remember her as Lily Arwell in the 2011 episode, The Doctor, the Widow and the wardrobe.

Other notable credits include the 2019 crime thriller Once Upon A Time In London, as well as the Cuckoo TV series in which she played Zoe, and Beowulf: Return To The Shieldlands as Kela.

And yes, she massively resembles Emilia Clarke in pretty much everything.

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Eric PS4 release date

Rather than its release date being months away, Sony’s newest PS4 exclusive is available to play right now!

All you need to do is search Erica on the PlayStation Store and fork up $9.99. Considering there’s replay value thanks to multiple unique endings, this isn’t a bad price for an interactive drama starring a talented and recognisable actress with some big names on her CV.