Channel 5 is set to air The Philpott Fire: 5 Years On once again.

What is the function of a documentary?

To entertain? To make an argument? Above all, it’s to educate. Some works of non-fiction media place the desire to educate as a number one priority, but some would argue whether a lot of the information we consume will ever actually be useful to us.  

Well, perhaps it doesn’t matter; it’s out of respect that we seek to know. We are all hungry to learn, and this extends to things which shock and shake us to our core. We are inquisitive by nature, and when something strikes us, we make attempts to understand what happened. Documentaries are a collection of information which aim to paint a picture of a person, event, incident, anything really – and here, the portrait is searing. 

The latest doc to resurface is The Philpott Fire: 5 Years On, which will screen again on Tuesday, August 20th at 10 pm on Channel 5. 

Floral tributes adorn the pavement outside a house in Allenton following the fire which claimed the lives of six children on May 14, 2012 in Derby, England. Duwayne Philpott, aged 13 his…

The Philpott Fire: 5 Years on

In 2013, Derby resident Mick Philpott was found guilty for the deaths of six of his children and their half-brother by arson, according to Wikipedia. He received life imprisonment for his horrific crimes, and even beforehand, was no stranger in the media at large, as a result of his lifestyle. 

The fire occurred in May 2012 and left their loved ones, and indeed, anybody who heard the news, utterly heartbroken. He was charged with manslaughter in the wake of an eight-week trial, along with wife Mairead and Mick’s friend Paul. The same source also reveals that a psychologist described him as a “psychopath,” among other things. 

After years, this Channel 5 documentary took a look at the case and considered the chain of events which transpired in the wake of this mortifying tragedy. 

Mick Philpott: Where is he now?

As outlined by the source, he was given a life sentence with a minimum term of fifteen years. 

The documentary offers an overview of Mick Philpott’s imprisonment while outlining interviews with those who knew him and were affected by his crimes (family, friends, neighbours) – as well as professionals who worked on the case at the time. 

Since his sentencing, there have been numerous stories echoed throughout the tabloids of his life behind bars. One of the more recent came from the Mirror in October 2018, which discusses the prisoner’s writings to a penpal, in which he talks of his innocence and disbelief that he’s still in prison.

In December that same year, they also reported that he has been allowed a guitar in his cell at Wakefield Prison and has been practising often, while also noting that he’s gained a fair bit of weight and received new teeth. 

Police officers place flowers on the pavement outside a house in Allenton where a fire claimed the lives of six children on May 14, 2012 in Derby, England. Duwayne Philpott, aged 13 his…

How many episodes?

The documentary first aired on Monday, June 12th 2017 and, over the course of one episode, reflected upon the aftermath of that night in May 2012.

It’s a case which still lingers today, and something so truly horrifying cannot ever be forgotten. For those who missed it when it was first shown, it may prove an insightful albeit very unsettling watch. 

You can either watch the episode as it airs on Channel 5 at 10 pm on Tuesday, August 20th, or watch it via the official C5 media player.

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