Karl Urban stars in Amazon Prime’s The Boys but fans aren’t convinced by his ‘cockney’ accent.

In their efforts to take the fight to Netflix, Amazon Prime have started to produce some really impressive shows of late.

Joining the likes of The Man in the High Castle, Jack Ryan and Good Omens is The Boys, a wonderfully satirical take on the superhero movie industry we’ve now come to know and love. 

Taking on the starring role in The Boys is Karl Urban but fans of the show have been quick to point out that the accent he puts on in the programme might not be quite up to scratch. 

What’s The Boys about?

The Boys follows a group of mercenaries as they hunt down and defeat a band of arrogant and corrupt superheroes known as ‘The Seven,’ they’re essentially DC’s Justice League but with different names for copyright purposes who are owned by the mega-corporation Vought International. 

The series, which is based on a comic book series of the same name, sees the group of superheroes abusing their power with The Boys, led by Karl Urban’s character, chasing them down to deal out justice in the only way they know.

Who is Karl Urban and who does he play?

Karl Urban may not be the most household of names in the world of acting but for anyone engrossed in modern pop culture, you’re bound to have seen something which features the New Zealand actor as he features in the likes of the rebooted Star Trek series, Thor: Ragnarok and The Lord of the Rings.

In The Boys, Karl Urban plays Billy Butcher, the lead figure in the titular Boys. Butcher has a strong distrust of anyone with superpowers and harbours a particularly large grudge against Homelander (a mix between Superman and Captain America) who he believes is responsible for the disappearance of his wife.

Viewers react to his questionable accent

Since the show first released on Amazon Prime Video on July 26th, viewers have been busy binging the series which has received almost unanimous praise for its characters, plot and premise.

However, one area many fans are not too keen on is Karl Urban’s attempts at a cockney accent.

This Twitter user, in particular, finding an expletive way to call Urban’s accent “god awful.”

This Twitter user though believes that Urban’s accent is so bad that it sounds Australian. There is actually a reason for this as Urban himself is from New Zealand and the accents are reasonably similar to people in the UK and US.

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