Where was Sanditon filmed? ITV drama strays from original Jane Austen locations

Sandition Kris Marhsall

Jane Austen's final unfinished novel is being put to screen in the new ITV series Sanditon but where is the show filmed?

ITV is always a reliable source of intriguing drama and it looks like we could have a fascinating new programme on our hands in the next few weeks.

Making its debut on the channel on August 25th is Sanditon, a programme based on the unfinished Jane Austen novel of the same name.

As well as boasting the legendary author as the mind behind the story, Sanditon has recruited an impressive cast of actors to flesh out the story's characters.

The series is based in the fictional Sussex town of Sanditon, possibly based on the coastal town of Willingdon near Eastbourne. However, the ITV series breaks with its source material and took its filming crew elsewhere.

What's Sanditon about?

Sanditon, the novel of which was in the process of being written before Jane Austen's death in 1817, tells the story of Charlotte Heywood, a vibrant young woman, who has just moved to her new hometown.

The series follows Charlotte as she looks to make a name for herself in the provincial fishing town as she becomes inundated with suitors trying to win her hand, seemingly a staple of Jane Austen's work.

Sandition Rose Williams

Who's in it?

ITV has managed to assemble an impressive cast for Sanditon which features plenty of recognisable names for any avid TV viewer.

In the starring role of Charlotte Heywood is Rose Williams (Curfew, Medici, Casualty) who is joined by the likes of Kris Marshall (My Family, Death in Paradise, Love Actually) who plays Tom Parker, Alexandra Roach (The Iron Lady, Black Mirror) as Diana Parker and Theo James (The Divergent series) as Sydney Parker.

Also joining them in the series are Anne Reid, Crystal Clarke, Jack Fox, Mollie Holder, Kayleigh-Paige Rees, Lily Sacofsky and Leo Sulter, all of whom are set to appear in all eight episodes of the series.

Sandition Anne Reid

Where was it filmed?

Despite the story being set in Sussex, ITV took their filming crew further afield to find a location they thought suitable.

As a result, Sanditon was filming in Bristol, at the Bottle Yard Studios, to be precise.

The reason why ITV chose to film in Bristol rather than in the story’s true location is unclear.

However, by being filmed in Bristol, Sanditon joins the likes of Poldark, 2019’s Hellboy remake, Sherlock: The Abominable Bride and Broadchurch, so it’s clearly a popular location.

In the meantime, viewers won’t have to wait long for Sanditon to hit our screens as the first episode is due for broadcast at 9pm on August 25th with the rest of the eight-episode series following each week after that.

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