Across Sacred Games’ two seasons, there’s nobody quite like Jojo.

We’ve heard of audiences wanting a longer ending, but this is ridiculous!

The highly anticipated second season of Sacred Games finally arrived on Netflix on Thursday, August 16th and fans have been quick to binge through all eight episodes. However, after all those hours, everybody wished that the season finale had extended its length by about four seconds. 

The show is no stranger to a good cliffhanger, but it’s really outdone itself, as has the stunning ensemble cast of India’s first and phenomenal Netflix Original series. 

Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap’s show takes more risks than ever this season, but there’s a confidence here which cannot be bought. There is an admirable knowledge and faith in the source material, which allows certain actors to deliver the performance of their career…

Surveen Chawla in Sacred Games

The 35-year-old Indian actress Surveen Chawla played Jojo Mascarenhas in season 1, and although making a pretty significant impression on audiences, she wasn’t actually in it all that much. 

Season 2 changes that; she only appears in a couple of episodes here, but she definitely has far more material to work with and more conversation with Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). The season dives more into her character, exploring how she grew to become such a fixture in the escort world. 

The treatment of her character in season 2 provides a pretty big shock, but we see more of her than we expect. It’s interesting to note that Surveen was actually pregnant at the time of shooting, nevertheless delivering an utterly transfixing performance… now that’s some undeniable talent right there!

Indian Bollywood actress Surveen Chawla poses for a photograph during a promotional event in Mumbai on January 11, 2018.

What has Surveen Chawla been in?

Surveen began starring in TV series such as Kasautii Zindagii Kay (she played Kasak Bajaj) and Kaajjal – Sabbki Aankhon Mein Basi (Kaajjal) as far back as 2006. 

Her first credited movie role comes in 2008 with a role in Paramesha Panwala. After turning in work in the likes of Raju Maharaju, DhartiHum Tum Shabana and more, a whirlwind of opportunities came knocking in 2013. She starred in an impressive six projects, from Saadi Love Story (Preeti Kaur) to Ugly (Rakhi Malhotra). 

The latter arguably proved to be her biggest role to date at the time, resulting in more interest and some even greater roles, with the most explosive perhaps coming with 2014’s revenge tale Hate Story 2 – she played the lead, Sonika. 

Back on to TV again, the actress scored a terrific role in the series 24: India (Maya), which is a remake of the popular Kiefer Sutherland show. 


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If you loved her in Sacred Games, or indeed any of these projects, be sure to give her a follow on Instagram over at @surveenchawla

Being a big film star and all, it’s no surprise that she has a whopping 1.4m followers. There’s some cool content aligned with the show on there, but there are plenty of Surveen selfies, glamour shots and inspirational stories. 

We can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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