Sextuplets made 6-times worse thanks to an ungodly amount of Marlon Wayans

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Marlon Wayans is back in the new Netflix original Sextuplets.

Netflix originals are often very hit-and-miss. On the one hand, you get top quality programmes like Stranger Things and Orange Is the New Black but on the other, you've got some pretty lacklustre outings in the form of The Package and the Will Smith-starring Bright.

Adding itself to the 'other' pile upon its release on August 16th is Sextuplets, the latest movie to star veteran of the corny comedy genre, Marlon Wayans.

However, Sextuplets doesn't just double down on its lead actor but multiplies his role six-times over and as a result, makes it both an awful and hilarious watch depending on how you do end up watching it.

What is Sextuplets about?

Sextuplets tells the story of father-to-be Alan as he discovers that he is one of six brothers and sisters, all played by Marlon Wayans.

The film sees Alan track down and reunite with all of his sextuplet siblings, all of whom have largely different personalities after being separated at birth.  

Marlon Wayans' portrayal of so many characters who all have wildly different personalities harkens back to M. Night Shyamalan's Split which saw James McAvoy pull off a similar role, albeit in superior fashion. 

Sextuplets Marlon Wayans As Alan And Russell

What else has Marlon Wayans been in?

If you're wondering if Sextuplets is a departure from Marlon Wayans' usual roles, then fear not as the film channels all of the comedic stylings of his previous work.

Previous work that includes the likes of White Chicks, Scary Movie and Fifty Shades of Black. There's a pattern emerging here.

While the likes of Scary Movie would probably struggle to bring in the buck at the box office right now, Marlon Wayans has found roles perfectly suited to the online streaming world, with titles easily found in the Netflix search bar. 

Sextuplets Marlon Wayans As Alan And Dawn

Is Sextuplets any good?

Well, that depends. 

If you're planning on watching Sextuplets on your own then you may find it a bit of a drag, unless you're absolutely in love with Marlon Wayans' work.

However, if you have a decent-sized group of friends, then this sort of film could be just what you're after.

Sextuplets' comedy is often cheesy and crass, making it a groan-fest if watched alone but with a group of friend all ripping the film apart, it can be a fun experience. 

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