If you’ve had it stuck in your head all day, you’re not the only one.

Anime fans unite!

Netflix delivers so much great content, from Stranger Things to Sacred Games, but many anime fans would argue that it isn’t exactly the hub for their passion they wish it would be. Fortunately, they’ve decided to deliver enthusiasts an exciting adaptation of LeSean Thomas’ Cannon Busters. 

The fantasy comic book began in 2005 and was immediately embraced by readers and critics. For years after its unfortunately (very) brief run, there was talk or reimagining and continuing it as a graphic novel, but actually, an anime series was long on the cards too. Luckily, one of the two options reached fans, with the 12-part series finally arriving on the streaming service on Thursday, August 15th 2019. 

It’s gone down a treat with viewers so far, and so it should – the project has been a total labour of love from the start. 

Bringing Cannon Busters to Netflix 

It’s certainly been a journey getting this anime to the screen, but now it’s here, it’s all been worthwhile.  

As highlighted on Wikipedia, LeSean kickstarted crowdfunding in 2014, in the hopes that his Kickstarter campaign would ensure Cannon Busters would find life on screens. With the help of such talents as producer Tim Yoon (Batman: Under the Red Hood) and artist Joe Madureira, things began to take shape. 

As far back as the summer of 2016, a pilot was shown to potential financiers and, thankfully, 2017 saw the announcement of the property being developed over at Netflix. It was actually intended for an earlier release, but after a few delays, it reached fans who were actually rather astounded to see it happen.

LeSean directed the series, also taking on writing duties and accompanying Natasha Allegri, Nilah Magruder and Anne Toole on scriptwriting duties. 

Cannon Busters: Opening song to the amazing anime

There are plenty of talents aboard Cannon Busters, but the ones which immediately demand to be known are those responsible for gracing the series’ exposition with that stellar opening song. 

It’s a wonderful tune and one which complements the stunning visuals perfectly. Many audiences will find themselves hitting pause before the show’s story even begins, eager to find out what it is; we imagine that’s exactly why you’re here!

It’s certainly not an easy track to find, and there’s no luck on the likes of Spotify yet. However, it appears that it’s called ‘Showdown’ by Bradley Denniston and Kevin Beggs, and is Performed by Marty Grimes and BJRNCK. 

You can find it below!


Cannon Busters: Season 2, anyone?

Thanks to YouTube you can casually listen to the song on-the-go, but if you’ve already binged through the series, when can you expect to kick back with Cannon Busters again?

Hopes are high, but as of yet, there has been no concrete news regarding a second season. If it’s renewed, long-time fans probably won’t believe their luck, considering most predicted it would never reach the screen at all. 

The team have rolled out an anime achievement people will definitely remember by the time 2020 rolls around, and by then, we might even be anticipating another twelve-parter… who knows!

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